Cuttin’ Wood… …An Early Fall Tradition!

No Foolies, My Peeps.

That’s What I Spent A Portion Of My Saturday Doing.

Wanna See What I’m Talkin’ ’bout?!

SURE THANG, Kiddies!!

That’s Just A Minor Sampling Of A Pile, Yes Yes…


…It Was A Wonderful Way To Spend The Day, Fo SHO!

It Was Absolutely Gorgeous Outside, Yesterday…

…And I Really Didn’t Wish To Spend The Entire Day Piddling About The Computer.


…When One Has Nothing Else To Accomplish…

…And The Weather Is Absolutely Perfect For Outdoor Work…

…It’s Time To Go Cut Some Wood.


We Usually Cut It By The Truckload.

And Then, We Cut A Little More.

Gotta Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Wood On The Woodpile.

Burning A Nice, Hot, Roaring Fire, During The Late-Fall/Winter/Early-Spring Months, Is Always Wonderful.

Nothing Like A Hot Fire In The Fireplace To Get Them Thar Creatin’ Juices A Flowin’, I Reckon I Reckon So!!



Yes, I Know.

I’m A Dork.

I Can’t Help It, Though.

I Was Born That Way.

My Bad.



…After A Few Hours Of Splitting The Wood…

…We Decided To Call It A Day And Head Home.

I Was Simply Drenched With Sweat.

So Much So It Was Running Into My Eyes.

Sweaty Sweat Can Be Such A Pain In Ye Ole Ass (or eyes), As I’m Sure You’re Aware.

I Hate Getting Anything Salty Near My Eyes.

What Can I Say…



No Sympathy For Me, Eh?!






…I Do Hope Y’all Have Had, And Continue To Have, A Decent Weekend.

I’m Hoping For Another Day Like Yesterday.

I Think I’d Get Back Out There And Put-In Some More Time On That Damned Woodpile.

I Could Use The Work-Out.

Always Feels Great To Give Certain Muscles What They’re Craving Most…

…Being Used At All!!!



It’s TRUE!!!

I’ve Got The Muscle To Do What I Wanna With It…

…But They Need A Stretch And Pump.

I’m Not In The Best Shape Mentally…

…But I’m Really Workin’ Harder On Getting My Bod Shaped As It Was Before.

So Far, I’m Doing It!!!

Just Gotta Keep Pluggin’ Along.

And I Suggest You Do The Same, Kids.

If You’ve Got A Nice Day For It…

…Get Outside And Stretch-It-All-Out!!

You’ll Be Grateful You Did It, In The End.

You Should Just Trust Me, My Peeps.

You Should, Indeed.



15 responses to “Cuttin’ Wood… …An Early Fall Tradition!

    • Yeah, It’s Pretty Cool.
      I Love It When I’m Feeling Good Enough To Even Participate In The Wood Cutting.
      It Felt Really Great, Though.
      Agreed, Ms. Carolyn, Muscles Are Pretty Neato. πŸ™‚


  1. I have a wood pile. I have a wood burning fireplace, but I’ve never used it (one day I will). I have a fire-pit in the backyard (a big one) and we’ve built a few fires this year – it’s just not quite cold enough, yet. I LOVE my woodstove. I’m anticipating the cooler nights so I can have a fire in it. We’ll be heading out to the woods soon to get some more wood. I’m not capable of cutting the wood – I’m the wood~stacker~girl.


    • I Just Love Being Around The Wood When It’s Freshly Cut. It Has A Smell All It’s Own That I Can’t Get Enough Of. And We Use A Splitter, So We’ve Just Gotta Wrangle The Pieces Of Wood And Get Them Into Position So We Can Split Them.
      Takes A Lot Of The Hard Stuff Out Of The Experience. Then It’s Almost Like Play-Time With The Wood hehehe


      • I LOVE the smell of fresh cut wood! I’ve seen a splitter before, we just use a chain-saw and my husband chops into smaller logs with a splitting maul (think I’m spelling that right) I would make a pretty good pyro! πŸ™‚


      • I really enjoy my woodstove. It’s downstairs in what is dubbed as the ‘Man Cave.’ When we first got it someone told us to wipe it down with cooking oil and light a fire in it to kinda season it…(like you would an iron skillet) Everyone that entered my house for about three weeks, would come in and ask me, “Are you frying chicken?” hahaha….


  2. I’m telling you working out is so good for the psyche. I always feel good after spending an hour in the gym. I bet I’d feel even better splitting wood. God knows my arms would look fantastic!


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