“Wow. “LAST RESORT” Was More Like “STAR TREK: UNDERWATER” Than Any Navy I Remember… …And I Liked It.” –BRADLEY ALAN



I Said That.

It Was The First Thing That Popped-Out After The Show Was Over.

That Was My First Processing Of What I’d Seen.

And I Think The “STAR TREK UNIVERSE” Is Pissed They Didn’t Make It An Alien Planet And Call It Like I Saw It.

I So Promise.

They’re Like…

"Dammit, Hanrahan! We Should Have Done That!"

…Like For Real.

I Love My “Trek”…

…I Really Do…

…But That’s Not Why We’re Here.

This Is About The Show They’re Pissed They Didn’t Make.



Crazy Kids.



…I Liked It.


…On The ABC Channel…

…Was An Engaging Show.

I Will Admit A Military Bias.

I Enjoy Watching Navy (And Other Military Related) Films, Docs, Shows, Etc Etc.

Mainly Because I Wanna See What They DID And DID-NOT Get Right.

At Least…

…Based On The Navy I Lived Through.

Sometimes, I See It…

That’s A Whole Other Blog Bloggin’ing, Itself.



…Was Fun!

It Took Off Really Well.

Kept You Wondering…


…A Lot Of The Time, Which Is A GREAT THING!

I LOVE The Ole Classic…

…”WTF!?!?” !!!

Good Or Bad…


…Is Generally An Equalizer With Me.


…Then It’s Bad.

If I Go “WTF?!?! Awe, NEATO!!”…

…Then It’s Likely Pretty Awesome.

See, There’s A Difference.

Either Way…

…It Makes You Like Something…

…Or Hate Something…

…Just By Being Itself.



…When This Sub Captain In The Show Fired Off A Nuke…


…They Had My Attention.


…Gives Us An Interesting Concept/Storyline/Evolving-Plotย  To Work With.


The First One Always Is.

And They’re Always Problematic.

They Hook Ya…

…Or Sink Ya.





…I’ll Be Back On-Board For Week Two.

We Shall See…

…We Shall See.

As They Say.

Whom Ever They May Be… …Or Have Been… …Or Will Be.

I Dunno How That Stuff Works.

But It’s What They Say.

I’m Just Stoked To Finally Have A Series To Watch.

I HATE Regular TV.

Drives Me Crazy.

I Do Admit Having A Secret Crush On A Certain Show…

…But Whatever.

I’ll Watch This One.



…Entity, Could Last One Season.

I Hope It At Least Gets That Far.

I Just Wanna Make Sure I’m Going To Find-Out How The Material Ends?


I Wanna See The End Of The Story.

Don’t Just Cut Our Collective-Asses Off.

We Need To See This Story Through.

I’m Curious!


๐Ÿ˜‰ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 responses to ““Wow. “LAST RESORT” Was More Like “STAR TREK: UNDERWATER” Than Any Navy I Remember… …And I Liked It.” –BRADLEY ALAN

  1. Glad you like the show. I’ve never heard of it. I assume it’s new. Is it on cable?

    I’d ask you what your secret TV crush is, but then it wouldn’t be secret. I think I know, anyway. (It’s 60 Minutes, isn’t it?)


    • It Was A New Show, So I Decided To Check It Out.
      It’s An ABC Show, So It Really Has The Potential To Give Me At Least ONE Season.
      Like I Said, The Pilot Episode Was Nifty, And I’d Really Enjoy Seeing How They Branch It Out, Then Wrap It All Up.
      Could Be Cool.
      And I Love 60-Minutes.
      No Secret About That.
      I’ll Give You A Hint, Though.
      It’s A Talent Based Reality Show.
      The Worst Kind Of TV There Is, I Know.
      And NO, It’s Not FACE/OFF Or HOT-SET, Both Of Which Are Cool, And Not Embarrassing To Mention.
      The Secret Show Is Quite Embarrassing hahahaha


    • My Bad, Forgot To Say It’s On ABC.
      I Don’t Watch Much Regular TV, So I Just Spaced On Mentioning What Channel It’s On hahaha
      I’ve Edited The Entry To Include It’s Channel ๐Ÿ™‚
      I Wish It Were On Cable…
      …Then They Coulda Said “Shit!” In A Few Places.
      I The Navy I Remember, Most People Didn’t Get What Another Person Was Saying Unless They Cussed Every-Other-Word, Or So It Seemed.
      The Phrase “Cusses Like A Sailor” Is VERY VERY TRUE, Dude.
      I’ve Never Been Cussed At More In My Life Than When I Was In The Navy ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehe


  2. I’ll also be back on board for week two.
    I loved the pilot. Reminded me of Homeland, esp. in scenes that show TV or TV-watching.
    Like Chaplin knowing something was up when regular TV made things seem like nothing was up.
    Or the CNN-type channel airing Chaplin’s address, captioned with “Nuclear Madman?”
    I have hopes for this one.


    • Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself, Dude!
      Could Be Cool…
      …Could Be A Disaster…
      …But That Would Also Be Pretty Cool! hahaha
      It’ll Be Interesting, and HOPEFULLY Fun To Find Out How This Story Will Play-Out.
      It’s Got Me Mighty Curious.
      That Alone Is Reason To Keep Watching. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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