When The World Throws You Lemons… …Cover Your Eyes… …Maybe?

Wouldn’t Ya Just Know It!?!

I Go Outside To Have A Nice Walk-About…

…Get MAYBE 10-Minutes Into Said Nice Walk-About…

…And I Step Off The Curb A Little Funny And Roll My Bad/Weak Left-Ankle!


Par For The Course, I’m Guessin’.

Was Having Such A Damned Decent Morning…

…I Just Knew Knew KNEW Something Was Gonna Go Wrong.

Always Does.

Doesn’t It?!



It Does.


…I Limped On Home…

…Grabbed Some Cold Water And A Couple Aspirin…

…And Now I’m Telling Y’all About It.


Because That’s What I Do.




I Still Think This Could Be A Good Day.

I Know I Know…

…It’s Early.

Isn’t Even Noon Yet.

At Least…

…Not Where I Am.

So There’s Still More Than Half-A-Day Looming Ahead.

What Kind Of Day Shall Proceed To Progress?!


Who The Hell Knows, Really!?

I Sure Don’t.

You Probably Don’t.

So We Collectively Don’t.

I Suppose This Is One Of Those Times Where Being Like Everyone Else Is Acceptable.

I Would LIKE To Know What The Remains Of The Day Have In Store For Me.

I Just Simply…



Don’t Know.

I’m Totally Hoping For Something Grand…

…While I’m Totally Expecting Something Horridly Awful.

It’s Just My Personality.

Once A Pessimist…

…Usually A Pessimist.

But But But I’m Only A Pessimist For One Glaring Reason…

I Like Being RIGHT

…And/Or Pleasantly Surprised.


Are You Any Different?!


Sometimes, Maybe?!

Maybe Not At All?!

Maybe Maybe?!

How’z’bout We Go With “Maybe Maybe” On This One!?

Gives You The Most Wiggle-Room.

Ya Know?!




4 responses to “When The World Throws You Lemons… …Cover Your Eyes… …Maybe?

  1. OMG! This had me rolling! I twisted my ankle on monday and was laid up for 2 days because of it. Lucky me I had a sweet houseboy to help take care of me…so it ended up NOT being a bad day after all…oh yea…and by the way – I don’t just LIKE always being right, I AM always right. Just saying. πŸ˜‰ Love the blog man! Keep it up!


    • First, I’m Glad You Enjoyed It.
      Second, I’m Sorry About Your Ankle. I Know They Can Hurt Like A Bastard When You Roll Them Just Right.
      Third, I Want A Sweet Houseboy Taking Care Of Me.
      And Finally, Very Glad You Love The Blow! I Promise To Keep It Up, Ms. Fihaki!


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