The Song Stuck In My Head: “ISLAND IN THE SUN” by WEEZER (2001)

“…When You’re On A Golden Sea

You Don’t Need No Memory

Just A Place To Call Your Own

As We Drift Into The Zone…”

The Single Album For ISLAND IN THE SUNBy WEEZER !!!

“…On An Island In The Sun

We’ll Be Playing

And Having Fun

And It Makes Me Feel So Fine

I Can’t Control My Brain…”

One Of The Best Songs Of The Entire Preceding Decade, “ISLAND IN THE SUNIs Off Of The Band WEEZER‘s 2001 Self-Titled AlbumWEEZER” (aka “The GREEN ALBUM“) !!!

“…We’ll Run Away


We’ll Spend Some Time


We’ll Never Feel Bad Anymore…”

*** *** ***

*** *** *** ***

*** *** ***

Before Hitting The Sack, Last Night…

(teehehe I Said Sack)

…I Was Listening To Some Quality Tunes That (almost) Always Put Me In A More Cheerful Mood.

I Figured If I Go To Sleep In A Good Mood, Maybe I’ll Get Some Good Rest.


…It Worked-Out By Going Pretty Much Up The Middle.

The Quality Tunes DID Put Me In A Better Mood.

The Rest I Got WAS Good.


…I Only Got 4-Hours-Worth Of It.

Good Plan.

Good Execution.

Just Not Enough Good Execution Of Said Plan.

Oh Well, Right?!



…This Song…



…Was The Lone Little Number I Ended-Up Playing More Than Once During My “Good Mood” Attempt.


…Is Simply A Wonderful Song…

…And One Of The Total BEST SONGS Of The 2000s.

It Has Yet To Fail In It’s Duties To Make Me Smile…

…And That’s A Very Good Thing, Fo SHO, My Peeps!

It’s Calming.

It’s Soothing.

It’s A Smile-Inducer.

It’s A Mood-Enhancer.

To Me…

…That Equals A Rather Splendid Life-Experience.

Music Is LOADED With Life-Experiences Of All Natures.

Some Make Us Happy…

…Or Sad.

Some Make Us Angry…

…While Others Fill Us With A Personal Ecstasy-Type Feeling.

Music Is Wondrous Like That.

Wouldn’t You Tend To Agree?!


I Kinda Figured You Would.


When I Awoke This Morning After My 4’ish-Hours Of Slumber…

…The First Thing I Wanted To Do Was Listen To This Song.

So I Did.


…I’ve Listened To It Damn Near a Dozen Times Between Last Night And This Morning.

It’s Stuck In My Head, Yet I Can’t Get Enough Of It.

Now THAT Is The Mark Of A Great Song.


Hear It A Dozen Times, Yet You’re Ready For Some More.


I’ve Been A WEEZER Fan For A Long Time…

…And This Remains MY FAVORITE Tune Of Theirs.

Period Period.

Like I Said, It’s A Real Head-Changer.

For That Fact…

…It’s Stuck In My Head This Morning…

…And That Is NOT A Bad Thing!




One response to “The Song Stuck In My Head: “ISLAND IN THE SUN” by WEEZER (2001)

  1. Listen to some Bob Marley, you can’t listen to Marley and not be happy! Hey I found Zulu and I am going to watch it tonight. I was totally just zipping through Netflix looking for a movie last night when I found it. I’ll let you know what I thought!


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