The Morning After… …Still Not Great… …But A Few Shades Better.

I Didn’t Get Much Sleep Last Night/This Morning.

Kept Waking-Up.

Was Restless.

But I DID Get A Bit Of Rest…

…And That’s Good Enough, For Now.

Things Could Always Be Worse, Fo SHO…

…So I’m Not Gonna Bitch About It.

I Will Say That My Good Ole 20/20 Hindsight Is Working Overtime.

I’m Still Stuck Thinking About Yesterday Night.

Thinking About What I Could Have Done…

…What I Should Have Done…

…And How I Won’t Let It Happen That Way Again.

We Learn From Our Mistakes…

…And We Carry-On.

Such Is Life.

No One Ever Said Living Life Would Be Easy.

In Fact…

…I Know Of No One Who Could/Would Ever Say That.

Life’s A Tricky Bitch Sometimes.

That’s A BIG FO SHO, My Peeps.

And It’s Something We’re Pretty-Much All Aware Of.

I Still Wish I Had That Damned “DO OVER” Button.

Yesterday Would Have Been Vastly Different If I Had Another Crack-At-It.

Vastly VASTLY Different.



…I Still Applaud My Efforts.

I Tried Very Hard Because I Love My Friends…

…I Missed My Friends…

…And I Wanted To Be With My Friends.

Poor Health AND An Adverse-Reaction To A Medication Totally Ruined Any Potential At Having A Normal, Fun Evening.


…I Just Wasn’t Going To Miss The Opportunity To See Someone Face-To-Face.

Face-To-Face Is Very Important To Me.

Mainly Because It’s Something Very VERY Rare For Me.

I’d Apologize For My State Of Being ’til I Was Blue In The Face…

…But I’m Not Sure I Need To.

My Friends Know How Sorry I Was For The Whole “Disaster” Of The Situation.

They Know Me.

They Get Me.

They Understand Me.

They Know I Just Wanted To Be With Them.

And I Still Do.

After Last Night, I’d Like To See Everyone Again When I’m Totally Over This Goddamn Medication Issue.

I’ll Be Back To Being Me Very Soon, I Hope.

I’m Never Sure That Being Me Is The Best State To Be In…

…But It’s Better Than How I Felt Last Night.

So, This Becomes One Instance Where I’m Very Anxious To Become Myself Again.

I May Have Many Issues With Myself, Sure Sure…

…But I’m Much Better Company When I’m ME.

That’s Kinda Sad, Because I’m Rarely Good Company.

But I Try Hard.

And Occasionally Succeed.

Next Time I Get The Chance To Spend Time With Those I Care About…

…I’m Hoping They Get ME ME To Spend The Time With.

That Would Be Sweet-Ass, Fo SHO, Kiddies.

Fo SHO, Indeed.



5 responses to “The Morning After… …Still Not Great… …But A Few Shades Better.

  1. Oh my love, why must one beateth thy head against thee wall and expect a different result. Be happy, I no like it when you are sad faced… 😦 Peace and love Miss Jaz


  2. I used to be on some meds that turned me into a zombie. Couldn’t think, couldn’t focus, couldn’t hardly stay awake. Horrible two months! Thank God they realized I was allergic to them because I was too out of it to figure it out!


    • Yeah, I’ve Had Those Zombie-State Inducing Meds Moments, Also.
      I Think They’ve Tried The Entire Pharmacopeia On Me.
      Some Didn’t Do Anything.
      Some Royally Screwed Me Up Worse.
      Meds Are A Tricky Bidnass, Fo SHO, Ms. Joleene.


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