Craving Recognition… …A Life’s Ambition.

Hey, My Peeps…

…Let’s Jive For A Bit.



So I Had A Talk Earlier With A Good Friend.


…It Was About, As The Title Of This Post Says, That Which We Crave.

That Got Me To Thinking…

(something that's always dangerous, eh!?!)

…About All The Different Things That Motivate People.

Some Crave Power.

Some Crave Wealth.

Some Crave Love.

Some Crave Sex.

It’s Almost An Endless Stream If You Think About It.

Everyone Craves Something In Life.


But I…

…I Crave Recognition.

Not Recognition Of My Looks…

…Or My Talents…

…Or My Lack Of Talents…

…But Recognition Of My Existence.

Plain And Simple.

What I Seek…


…Is The Knowledge That The Most People Possible Are Reading What I’m Writing.


I Want People To Love What I Do…

…Or Hate What I Do…

…Or Feel Indifferent About What I Do…

…And I Want Them To Tell Me Which Boat They’re In And Why.

At Least That Way I Know They’ll Remember Me.

They’ll Remember Me Because They Love What I Do…

…Or Hate What I Do…

…Or Feel The Indifference.

Regardless Of How They Feel…

…They’ll Remember Me.

I Know I Put Out A Lot Of Quotes.

Quotes From Other People.

Quotes From Ancient History…

…Or Recent History…

…It Doesn’t Matter.

I Just Β Like Finding Quotes That Honestly Mean Something.

Maybe They’ll Mean Something To Me.

Maybe They’ll Mean Something To Someone Else.

But They Mean Something.

And That’s Important To Me.

Alright, I Also Want To Address Something That’s Been Brought To My Attention As An Issue People Have With Me.

It’s About The Blogging Awards Things.

They’re Flattering, Yes.

But They’re Not The Kind Of Recognition I Want, Nor Desire.

You’ll Notice If You Look At This Blog…

…I’ve Only Posted The Image Of The First Award I Received.

That One Felt Very Real To Me.

But Since…

…I’ve Honestly Felt Indifferent Toward Them.

Namely Because It’s Not Just MY Award.

Seven People.

Ten People.

Even Fifteen People Get The Same Award At The Same Time.

So They Feel VERY Hollow.

Like I Said…

…I’m Always Flattered When I Receive One.

They’re Fun Like That.

They’re Just Not What I’m Looking/Hoping For.

Sometimes I Question What I’m Looking/Hoping For.

Do I Have The Same Motives Now That I Did In The Beginning Of This Whole Blogging Adventure?

And I Believe The Answer Is YES.

This Began As Solely A Baseball Blog.

It Has Since Evolved As You’re Well Aware.

I Made A Conscious Decision To Get Away From Just Blogging Baseball For One Reason…

…It Was Making My Favorite Game Seem More Like A Chore.

I Didn’t Like That Feeling.


…I Just Had To Say Those Thing, My Peeps.

I’d Love To Have A Real Conversation With A Lot Of You.

I’ve Found Some Truly Amazing People Through My Blogging.

People Who Are Like Me.

People Who Understand Me.

People Who I’m Still Trying To Figure-Out If They’re Like Me, Or Understand Me.

I Love This.

Doing This.

Feeling This.

Being This.

It’s Exciting To Me.

I Wake-Up Every Morning Thinking About My Blog.

("What Should I Do Today!?!?")

Every Morning.

Rain Or Shine

Good Health Or Bad.

I Crave It.

Sometimes, I Must Will Myself To Do It.

Sometimes With No Effort.

Sometimes With Great Effort.

But It All Goes Back To My Original Craving.

Knowing That Other People Know I’m Alive.

That I’m Here.

That I Love What I Do.

That I Wouldn’t Want To Do Anything Else If I Didn’t Have To.

Y’all Are My Lifeline.

Y’all Keep Me Coming Back.

Y’all Give Me Exactly What I Want/Need/Crave.

You Make Me Happy To Be Alive.

And THAT Is Worth Everything.

Even When It’s Just A Simple Little Blog That Does The Trick.

For That…

…I Thank Thee.



15 responses to “Craving Recognition… …A Life’s Ambition.

  1. Remember my post the Fear of Being Forgotten? That’s what this is about my lovely Bradley. You don’t want to be forgotten. You want your words to matter. To mean something. Even if they something to just one person. That matters to you. It matters to all of us that put ourselves out there on our blogs everyday. It doesn’t matter if we are anonymous bloggers or ones like you and me that say fuck it, this is me love me or hate me. It’s what we love to do. We want our words to matter.

    My darling Bradley your words matter. They matter to me. I get they joy of reading them every day. Some days they resonate through my entire being some days they merely pique my interest to know more about the person that you’re quoting. My favorites though are when you give of yourself. Just like this post here. You’re a great writer. It’s who you are and it’s what you do. It is you. I’m thankful I found you. I’m thankful for your words. I love you very much my dear sweet Bradley Alan.

    I cherish every word you write. ❀


      • Oh honey. No need to be humbled. You are a good person, good writer and good friend. I’m proud of you for what you posted today. It was raw and real. As all writing should be. You’re a good man Bradley and I love you like you’re one of my own.


  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I started blogging as a means to motivate myself to do things I liked and not let work and stress take over my life. I realized that as others followed me or liked my posts, its encouraging to know that there are others that appreciate what I’ve been doing. Makes me eager to plan ahead and think about what posts to write all the time! Its a pretty sweet feeling! πŸ™‚

    As for your quotes, I sure crave reading those every day. Its pretty awesome stuff!


  3. Hey Brad, I love your quotes; they mean something – not just words. I recently made a comment (on another blog) about learning so much about Napoleon Bonaparte from your blog quotes…. Yeah; I love reading them.
    Cool post…. πŸ™‚


  4. Surely all you want is a place on my prestigious Desert Island list? And that will be up and posted ASAP so all your wishes will have come true πŸ™‚

    Love your posts dude!


  5. I like the quotes you post. (I’m not too smart when it comes to baseball, so I’m glad you decided to include these). I also enjoy the old-school movies you post!


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