No Sleep For The Wicked… …Or Was That Brooklyn?!

So Yeah, It’s Around 12:30AM …

…And I’m Still Up-&-About.

I Simply Can’t Get To Sleep.

I’m Exhausted.

It’s Been A Rather Long Day.

I Was Seen By My Doctor…

…And He Did Some Medication Shuffling.

More Of This.

Less Of This.

Etc Etc Etc

I’m Hoping It’ll Start Helping VERY SOON.

Like Very VERY Soon.

ANYWAY, My Peeps…

…It’s Now FRIDAY…


…I’m Going To Make Another Attempt At Sacking-Out, Now.

Wish Me Luck, My Peeps.


And NO…

…Do NOT Wish Me Bad Luck.

I Have A Truck-Load Full As It Is.


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