VIC Sure Knows What He’s Doing, That’s A Big FO SHO!
I’m In Agreement With Him Totally On This One!!!
VERY COOL, Eh, Kiddies!?!


No 5 –

The Blues Brothers

The Mall chase and the absolutely insane Chicago car chase is one of, if not,  the highlight of this iconic
comedy from John Landis.

(Directed John Landis)

No 4 –

Smokey and the Bandit

Who would of thought delivering beer to Texarkana in a Black Trans Am would be downright funny, dangerous and completely wild? Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason make it so in this wildy popular movie that includes some of the best stunt driving caught on film. A classic through and through.

(Directed by Hal Needham)

No 3 –


Steve McQueen handles this car chase with absolute power, tension and plain old bad ass attitude. No CGI. No machine guns or explosions either. Just a simple car chase that is hypnotic and intense. And Steve McQueen looks so damn cool doing it too.

(Directed by Peter Yates)


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