Two-Nights, Back-To-Back!

Friday Night…

…While It Was Broken-Up…

…I Did Get Around FOUR (4) Hours Of Actual Sleep.

Friday Had Turned-Out To Be A Rather Decent Day.

I Didn’t Feel The Best…

…Not 100%…

…Not even 80%…

…But It Was A Decent Day.



…Actually Turned-Out To Be An Even Better Day.

It Was My Brother’s Birthday…

…And I Spent Almost The Entire Day With Family.

Went Out-&-About With Them…

…Had A Rather Amazing Breakfast…

(that did not make me sick for the first time in ages)

…Got To See My Grandparents…

…Got To Chit-Chat With Everyone…

…Etc Etc.

Thing Is…

…I Really Wasn’t Expecting To Get The Sleep I Got.

I Was Just So Damned Tired, My Body AND My Mind Simply Gave-Out On Me.

And I Slept Like A Frickin’-Freakin’-Frackin’ LOG.

I Awoke This Morning…

…With Around FIVE (5) Hours Of Sleep Under My Belt!!!


Yeah, It Was Broken Sleep Again…

…But It Was Still SLEEP!

So I’m Not Going To Scoff At That.

Not One Bit.

Would Y’all?!?




…I’m Just Hoping The Last Two Days/Nights Haven’t Been A Fluke.

I’m In A Positive’ish Mood Right Now…

…And I’m Going To Try And Roll With It.

I Know These Things Never Last…

…So I’m Going To Try Using It To Ye Ole Advantage.

I Have A Couple Little Writing Projects I Wanted To Work On, And Me Thinks Me Shall.


I Just Wanted Y’all To Know What Was Up.

Wanted Y’all To Know You Don’t Have To Worry So Much.

At Least…


…Not Today You Don’t.

While I Know Everyone Worries About Me…

…At Some Point…

…About A Great Many Things…

…Today I’m Telling You To Take A Break.

Yes, It’s Early In The Morning.

Yes, I’ve Got The Entire Day To Get Through.

Yes, This Could All Come Crashing Down.

Yes Yes Yes.

But I’m Feeling Pretty Good Right Now.

And I’m Hoping To Make It Last As Long As I Can.

I’ve Got Some Quality Jams Playing On The MP3Player.

I’ve Got A Hot Cup Of Coffee Sitting Here.

I Just Ate A Brownie.

It’s A Good Morning, Thus Far.

One Day At A Time, Ya Know?!



…Time To Get Down To Bidnass!!!

I’ve Got Some Work To Do!!!


L8r, Taters.


4 responses to “Two-Nights, Back-To-Back!

  1. I’m a big fan of “special” brownies, although I don’t think that’s what you meant!
    I’m glad to hear about the sleep and about the good mood. Spending time with loved ones is a great. I’m an only child and both of my parents are dead–believe me when I tell you to appreciate them.


    • I Haven’t Had A “Special” Brownie In, Perhaps, A Decade?! But I’d Love To Have One About Now, That’s Fo SHO, Dude. I Can Taste It Already.
      And I’m Sorry About Your Parents.
      I’ve Been Very VERY Lucky In That Regard.
      And I Do Appreciate Them.
      I Do More So Everyday.


  2. Thanks for reading my latest post, “The Human Connection”. I just updated it.


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