“We Are Here To Laugh At The Odds, And Live Our Lives So Well That Death Will Tremble To Take Us.” –CHARLES BUKOWSKI






6 responses to ““We Are Here To Laugh At The Odds, And Live Our Lives So Well That Death Will Tremble To Take Us.” –CHARLES BUKOWSKI

        • I’m Alive.
          Have Been Having Trouble With Me Left-Leg, Again. My Knee Has Gone Numb. Was Already Dealing With Ankle Numbness, and My Left-Foot Is Pigeon Toed.
          Had To Cut My Morning Walk Short Because That Leg Practically Went-Out On Me.
          I Get To See My Doc Early Next Week, So That’s Fine, But I Still Am Unsure As To What The Hell Is Wrong. I’ve Been Having Problems With It Since January.
          Not Sure What To Think.

          How Are You, My Loverly Lady?!


          • Oh honey I’m sorry you’re struggling with it. Me, well let’s see, I was in the ER a couple of days ago for pain in my back, muscle spasms and a severely pinched nerve in my C7 vertebrae. I’m on oxy and valium. It helps but once they wear off all of the damn symptoms come back. FUCK! Today I see a spine specialist. I’m guessing surgery is the next step. I hate being on oxy because I have an addictive personality and I’m scared I’ll end up using again. The rest of my life is good. But this back pain sucks ass!

            Get better soon my sweet man. ❀


  1. I liked your post and I liked the quote, so I looked up the poem and found it to be self-aggrandising shit. (Do you mind if I swear on here?). ‘don’t be ceumnsod with self-love’ I found particularly obnoxious, because what is the poem but a form of self love. Bukowski sees himself as ‘Chosen’ with the ‘sun burning inside [him].’ If all writers took his advice then we would not have the likes of Larkin or Eliot, who managed to do jobs in between all the ‘burning’ and ‘waiting’. Nor would we have most of the other masters who do what Bukowski dismisses:’rewrite and rewrite’ again. I’m so happy that I read this poem now, not when I was a younger writer, because it is written with such ebullience that with less confidence and knowlege I would have believed it was the only way.


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