Can 10-(GRUELING)-Hours Of Psycho-Analysis Make A Person Feel Better? Maybe?!


…My Peeps…

…I’m Unsure As To Why…

…But The Past Two Days Have Been Much Better For Me.

I’ve Felt A Little Bit Better About A Great Many Things.

I May Not Be Totally Over Anything…

…But I’m A Little More Over A Bundle Of Things…

…Which Is Just Like Shedding Something Rather Large And Suffocating.

I’ve Been In A Better Mood.

I’ve Been Feeling A Touch More Spring In The Ole Step.

And It’s All Been Since I Had My Psychological Evaluation.

I Went Into The Experience Obsessing Over It, And Dreading It.

The Experience Itself Was Horrible.

But These Past Two Days…

…As I’ve Said…

…Have Shown Me A Little Peace.


I Know It May Not Last…

…Though I Can Try To Make It Last As Long As Possible.

Y’all Already Know I’m A Damn Dandy Try-er-er, Fo SHO.

So MAYBE This Is A Good Thing.

Perhaps I’m Riding A Personal High For The First Time In A Long Time.


I Believe It To Be Possible.



…Don’t Go Gettin’ All Excited.

It’s Just Two Days.

Hell, It’s Not Even A Full 48-Hours, Yet.

It’s Been About 39-Hours, Actually.

But I DO Feel Better.

And I AM In A Better Mood.

And I AM I AM Going To Do All I Can To Sustain It For As Long As I Can.



Will BRAD Figure It ALL Out?!

Does BRAD Need MORE Coffee?!




How Will You Know?!


Guess You’ll Have To Tune-In.

Same BRAD-Time.

Same BRAD-Channel.

(hehehe I Just Love Sayin' That!)


I Do Promise Further Updates In The Coming Days.

I Know A Few Of You Are Keeping Up-To-Date With Me On This…

…So I Won’t Leave You Hangin’.

At Least…

…I Won’t Leave You Hangin’ FOREVER.

It’s Just Nice To Be Feeling Like I Would Prefer To Feel…


…How I Always Feel.


…I Can Feel Empathy.

So What If It’s Toward Myself?!

It Still Counts, Doesn’t It?!





7 responses to “Can 10-(GRUELING)-Hours Of Psycho-Analysis Make A Person Feel Better? Maybe?!

  1. Brad, ya gotta keep that happy train rolling and now you’ve got me feeling goooood. I feel like being productive today. Thanks to your funky good vibes I think I will be.


  2. Brad, it’s good enough that you’re feeling good. I hope it’s still happening. Yes, it’s important to find out why so that you know what kind of good behaviors to practice, but sometimes it’s good just to be happy. Dark times come to us all (and they’re good in that they help us appreciate the good times), but I very much hope that they will prove the exception in your life, annoying uneven spaces in an otherwise flat and smooth road.

    All of us are imperfect creatures, Brad, striving all our lives (hopefully) toward that perfection we can never hope to achieve. But each day that we try we get closer to it, and find ourselves a more fully-developed person than we were the day before. If we do it right, this doesn’t end until they bury us.


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