(Totally Not) Random (Blu-ray) Movie Mention: “DAS BOOT” (1981)

So, My Peeps…

…Just What Is My All-Time-Favorite FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM??


…That’s Actually A Rather Easy Choice.

While I’ve Seen Dozens And Dozens Of Foreign Language Flicks In My Day…

…Not One Has Had An Impact On My Life/World More Than…



…Directed By…


…And Starring…


!!! !!! !!!


Thus Far…


…Is (in my opinion) The Crown Jewel Of My Blu-ray Collection.

This DIRECTOR’S CUT Is Simply…




The Visuals Are So Amazingly Clear.

The Sound Quality Is Second To None.

You Sincerely FEEL Like You’re A Member Of The Crew.

The Blu-ray Transfer Is So Crisp.

You See Everything…

…From The Trickles Of Water Seeping In…

…To The Bolts In Walls.

You See Everything…

…And That’s Just The Power Of The Blu-ray.

The Film Itself Is The Very BEST Of Its Type.

You’ve Seen Other Submarine Flicks.









…Etc Etc…

…All Of Which Are Truly Wonderful Flicks And Personal Favorites, Yes Yes…

…But They’re NOT…


…Which I Believe To Be The Very BEST Submarine/Naval Flick In The History Of World Cinema.

.Period Period.

Saying That Usually Pisses Some Folks Off.

How Could I Take That German Flick Over All The Others?!?

It’s Simple, My Peeps.


…Is The Most HONEST…


…The Most FINELY-CRAFTED Film Of Its Genera.

I Know Some Peeps Simply CANNOT Stand To Read Their Flicks As They Attempt To Watch Them…

…But This Is No Issue With Me.

You Almost Know What They’re Saying Anyway, Without Having To Do The Reading.

Being Ex-Navy, Myself, I Was Totally On-Board With This One.

(Pun Totally Intended, By The Way.)

 You Can Tell Director WOLFGANG PETERSEN Did Everything He Could To Make This One As Real As Possible.

He Wanted To Make You Feel Like You Really Were On-Board A German U-Boat During The Height Of WORLD WAR II.

The Characters Are Honest And True…

…As Are The Actors Portraying Said Characters.

TRUST ME, My Peeps…

…If History…

…If War…

…If The Military…

…If The Navy…

…If Submarines…

…If Amazing Film-Making…

…If Brilliant Acting…

…If Realism…

…Are Any Or All Things You’re Interested In, Or What You Seek-Out In Your Flicks…


…You’d Be Hard-Pressed To Find One Better Than…


.Period Period Period.

It’s A Flick I Sincerely LOVE…

…And The DIRECTOR’S CUT On The Blu-ray Is Wonderfully Wonderful.

It’s EPIC, To Say The Very Least…

…But EPIC Is The Proper Word To Use In This Instance.

Fo SHO Fo SHO, Kiddies!!!


16 responses to “(Totally Not) Random (Blu-ray) Movie Mention: “DAS BOOT” (1981)

  1. I’m not particularly into war films (but love foreign language films!). The Hunt for Red october was brillient though! and very deserving on being on your list of Greats.


      • You are most welcome… these days family and work mean almost zero time for movies but maybe (?) oddly enough for a female, when I DID have time, I like and used to watch heaps of old fashioned B&W moves of most sorts (except horror) and classic westerns! (not exactly chic flics LOL)
        Great blog you have … cool!!!


        • That’s Awesome, Actually 🙂
          I Love “B-Movies” Also.
          What’s Your Favorite Classic Western?!
          I Did A Whole Blog Entry On The 12 I Love Most hehehe
          And Thank You For The Kind Words.
          T’Is Much Appreciated, Ma’am 😉


          • I’ve seen more than my fair share of James Stewart moves (Who Shot Liberty Valance etc) … all genres, I LOVED Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid … closely followed by Shane… and High Noon ( but for that one I forget: was that John Wayne or Gary Cooper in the lead role?)
            I scare myself silly watching Hitchcock’s “the Birds” LOL (lesson learned: best not watch it alone LOL)


  2. Krauts in a boat!
    Great movie, I just like saying “Krauts,” because it’s literally the only ethnic slur which doesn’t require me to look over my shoulder first. The reason is because everyone knows Germans can’t read!


    • I Know Growing Up I Was The Only Kid In My Class Who LOVED “Polish-Sausage AND Kraut” hehehe In Fact, I’m Still The Only On Of My Local Friends Who Honestly DOES Still Love Kraut hehehe
      It’s A Little Off The Subject Of German Submarines And Germans, But Damn I Love Me Some Kraut hahaha


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  4. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:

    I Decided To Kick-It-Back-A-Bit Today And Watch Some Of My Favorite Movies. I Already Watched A Personal Favorite, “LICENCE TO KILL”, And NOW I’m Watching “DAS BOOT” !!!
    So Why Not Give This Amazing Flick The Reblog Treatment?!
    EXACTLY!!! Why Not, Indeed!!!


  5. When the movie came out, we happened to see it the day before the Falklands War started, which added to the memory the next day. My favorite part of the movie was when the sub was disabled on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea: The Capt. goes back to check with his men and says, “I’ll be in my cabin if you need me.” He didn’t pull out a Swiss Army knife and rewire the sub, or take apart the engine and overhaul the power plant. The Capt. simply put his trust in his crew and let them do their jobs. Put that in today’s management courses!

    Thanks for reminding me of this movie. We have the Blu-ray Director’s cut and will definitely put it in the rotation for viewing.


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