As The Man Said, You Don’t Have To Love The BoSox To Know Teddy Ballgame Was The Best All-Around-Hitter In Baseball History. So He Totally Merits A Reblog!


Ted Williams was born on this day in 1918.

Ten Notes On Ted Williams

1. Ted Williams was the greatest hitter who ever lived. He lived and breathed hitting. To the end of his life he was still talking about hitting. It was an obsession. He was a career .344 hitter. He hit 521 homer runs, 1838 career RBIs. Keep in mind he missed three years due to service in World War II. Those would have been three prime seasons. He also missed most of two seasons serving in the Korean War. If not for the wars who knows what his numbers would have been like. I have  no doubt he would have broke Babe Ruth’s career home run record.

2. To me Ted Williams is the most interesting baseball player ever. I loved to hear him talk about baseball or about anything. He was an interviewers dream. He was…

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