“Hey Kids, I’m Just Sayin’…”

…Yesterday Turned-Out To Be A Pretty Decent Day.

Today, However…


…Not So Good.

Yesterday Was A Pretty Decent Day Because Bradley Had A Lot To Accomplish…

…And Was Able To Accomplish ALL Of It.


I Ended-Up Cutting My Monday Evening Bowling Short, Though.

The Bowling Part Was Finished…

…So Don’t Fret About That.


…I Knew You Wouldn’t.

But AFTER The Bowling Part Was Complete, Everyone Wanted To Hang-About And Chit-The-Chat And Shoot-The-Shat And Shit-Like-That.

Ya Know?!


…I Knew You Would.

But Bradley Had A Horrid Headache By The Time The Bowling Was Over.

And Bradley Really Just Wanted To Go Home And Check His Numbers.

(All Sorts Of Numbers. Blog Numbers. Fantasy Baseball Numbers. Regular Baseball Numbers. Etc Etc Etc.)


…Bradley Ducked-Out And Headed Home.

And As Much As He Tried Not To Think About It…

…Bradley Simply Felt Bad.

Not Just Because Of The Headache, But For Not Hanging Out With His Friends Afterward.

They Were There…

…Ready And Willing…

…And Bradley Simply Told Them All…

Hey Kids, I’m Just Sayin’, I Think I Need To Head Home. I’m Tired. I Don’t Feel Great. Yeah. I’m Gonna Go.

Bradley’s Friends Had No Problem With This, BUT…

…As Bradley Drove Away…

…He Noticed That Everyone Else Continued To Hang-About.

This Sincerely Made Bradley Feel Like A Big-Girl’s Blouse.

Like He Could Have Still Been Kickin’-It With Everyone, And Likely Should Have.

Bradley HATES To Feel Like The Light-Weight Of Any Social Gathering.

Bradley Always Used To Be The One Still Standing At The End.


…I’m Usually The First To Cry-Foul…

…And The First To Head-On-Home.


Then Comes Today.

Bradley Wakes-Up At 4:20AM.

And While That’s Cool Sometimes, It Was NOT Cool This Morning.

Bradley’s Head Was SCREAMING.

Like Someone Had Tried Very Hard To Beat Me To Death With A Hammer.


You’ll Understand How That Feels Once Someone Tries To Beat You In That Regard.

Until Then…

…Just Visualize…


…Find Your Sympathetic Nerve, And Rub It Hard.

I’m Trying Hard To Accomplish ANYTHING Today…

…And I’m Not Having A Great Deal Of Luck.

I’ve Been Up For 8+Hours Already…

…And Have Very Little To Feel Accomplished About.

I Was Trying To Play With My Nephew, Before Having To Call That Quits, Also.

At Least For The Moment.

That Moment Turned Into An Hour Of Laying Down.

Now, I’m Up Again.



…I Still Feel Like Old, Warmed-Over ASS.

While Some Folks Would Delight At The Prospect Of Having Some Old, Warmed-Over ASS…

…I Ain’t One Of Said Folks.

I Think I Just Wanna Lay Down Again.


…I Know I Shouldn’t.

A Man’s Got To Do SOMETHING In A Day That Honestly FEELS Like An Accomplishment.




…Here I Am…

…Attempting To Accomplish SOMETHING.

Have I Succeeded???


This Seems Like A Good Time To Roll With The Maybe-Train.

And So…

…I Shall.


I Sincerely Hope Y’all’re Having A Better Day Than I.

It Wouldn’t Take A Whole Lot To Do That.

So I’m Banking Y’all’re Succeeding.

Or, At Least…

…I’m Trying To.

4 responses to ““Hey Kids, I’m Just Sayin’…”

  1. Hey Brad, I’m late to the party (I’m working outside the home this week–ugh!), but I hope by the time that I’m writing these words that things have gotten better for you.

    I understand the guilty feelings you have for “bailing” on your friends, but sometimes you just can’t do it, and you know what? I think your friends understand. In fact, I KNOW they do, and I don’t even know ’em. Imagine the situation were reversed, and one of your buddies had to bail because he was sick or not feeling well. What would you think? You’d think, “Geez, I hope Mike feels better.” That’s ALL that you’d think. Well, that’s all THEY thought.


    • Yeah, They’ve Already Informed Me I Shouldn’t Feel Too Bad About It. They Were Ready To Go, Also, I Was Just The First To Speak-Up hahahahaha
      And So Goes The World, Ya Know?!?! πŸ˜‰


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