First Off, My Peeps…

…I Wanted To Say I’m Sorry.

I’m Sorry That All I’m Really Putting Out Are Quotations.

That’s Mainly Because My Young Nephew Is Home (Here) For The Next Month Or So.

He Brings The Spark Back In Everyone.

I Know For A Fact That, Even Though He Boarders On Genius (in comparison to other 9yo), He Also Has Zero Attention Span, Just Like His Dear Uncle Brad.

I Was Born With, And Later Was Diagnosed With, ADD In 1984.

It Changed A Tad, And By The Time I Was 10yo, Said Diagnosis Became Being Called ADHD.

And It Does Worry Me Some About My Nephew.

I Don’t Want Him Being Me.

I Don’t Want Him To Go Through All The Shit I’ve Gone Through.


I Don’t Want Him To End-Up Being Told He’s Crazy By A Bundle Of Doctors Who Don’t Honestly Know A Thing About The Psychology Of Any Human, Let Alone A 9yo Boy.

He’s Special, By Far AND Fo Sho.

He Just Needs Special Attention AND Understanding.

Lucky For Myself…

…I Have All The Time AND Patience Needed To Help Him.


…My Peeps…

…Please Excuse My Lack Of Posting As Much As I Should Be.

It’s Simply Been Much More Difficult To Find The Time.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…



…I Easily LOVE MY NEPHEW Even More-So.

And If There’s Going To Be Any Reason At All For Me To Slack A Bit On This Thing…

…He’s Said Reason.

I’m Gearing Up To Go On A Walk…

…And He’ll Be Awake And Ready For Uncle Brad To Play LEGOs By The Time I Return.

Please PLEASE Take Care Of Yourself, Kiddies.

I Promise To Work On This More As Time Will Allow.

For Now…

…For Right Now…

…Just Accept My Sincere Apologies In This Particular Matter.

I’ll Be Back In Full Swing In A Day Or Two, I’m Sure.

Until Then…


9 responses to “First Off, My Peeps…

    • I Do My Best To Take Exceptional Care Of Him. And I’ve Never Treated Him Like A Child.
      I Talk To Him At 9yo How I Talked To Him At 3yo.
      I Treat Him As An Equal, And He’s Responded Greatly To That. He’s Quite The Social Butterfly, Now. Something Neither His Father Nor I Was Ever Able To Master.
      I’ll Find Time To Make Posts… I Think? hehehehe


  1. As someone who has a nine-year old boy of my own, I know how important it is to spend a lot of time with him when I can. Enjoy your time with him, and don’t worry about us. We’ll still be here when you get back.


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