I’ve Been Agonizing All Day About This… My 1,000TH Post…

Until Just Now.

I Realized I Never Agonize About My Posts.

I May Agonize About Not Having Put Out Enough Posts In A Day…

…Or A Week…

…Or A Whatever…

…But They Don’t Usually Make Me Fret Wanting To Do Them.

If There’s Agony About Individual Posts…

…It’s Generally Because I Don’t Feel So Great When Doing Them.

Not About The Posts, But Me, Physically/Mentally/Emotionally/Etc.

So I Didn’t Think This Post Should Really Be Much Different Than Any Other Post.

Yes, It’s A Personal Milestone.

Yes, I’m Happy To Have Reached It.

Yes, I’m Happy You Keep Coming Back To Check’em Out.





…You Know Me Well Enough By Now To Know I’m NotΒ Supremely Invested In My Milestones.

At The Beginning Of My Bloggin’ing Adventure I Celebrated Them ALL.

Then, For The Longest Time, I Didn’t Even Mention Another Milestone Until This Blog Snagged Its 75,000TH Hit.

That Milestone Was/Is, Indeed, Great.

But I Think This One…

Β …My 1,000TH Post

…IS Important For One Major Reason.

It Shows I’m Willing To Commit To Something…

…And I’m Willing To Try To Go Long-Term With It.

I Love Working On My Blog.

I Derive Great Joy From It.

So I Think The Best Way To Celebrate…


…Is To Simply Say…

THANK YOU, My Peeps.

THANK YOU For Sticking With Me.

THANK YOU For All The Comments AND Kind Words.

THANK YOU For Giving Me The Chance To Have Fun With You.



…With Any Luck…

…Good OR Bad…

…We’ll Still Be Having Fun When My 2,000TH Post Comes ’round.

THANX, Kiddies!!!




22 responses to “I’ve Been Agonizing All Day About This… My 1,000TH Post…

  1. Well done. Things like page views aren’t totally within your control, but how many posts you write is completely in your realm. And you wouldn’t write 1000 posts unless you enjoyed doing it. Bravo!


    • I Am Feeling Better Than I Did, Which Is Good Enough To Work Again. And Thank You. I’m Looking Forward To The Next 2K, Also =)
      I’ll Make It There, No Worries πŸ˜‰


    • I’d LOVE To Have A Drink For It hehehe
      We Always Used To Do Two Shots While Celebrating.
      One For Me.
      One For The Boys Overseas.
      Thanks For The Comment, Kim.


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