This Could Become A Very Long Night.

Don’t You Just Hate It When Someone You Don’t Know “Drunk-Dials” Your Phone After Midnight?



Especially When I Was Already Asleep.

I’m One Of Those…

"Once I'm Awake, I'm Awake"

…Types Of People.

Granted, I Did Fall Asleep Tonight Faster Than I Normally Do.

But Who Cares?

I Was Sleeping SOUNDLY.

Then The Random Phone-Call Wakes Me…

…I Spend 20-Minutes Agonizing Over WHOM This Person Might Be…

…And THEN I Shoot The Number A Text.

I Figure…

"If This Person Knows Me, I Should Get A Text In Return Verifying That Fact."

And That Was The Pisser, My Peeps.

It Was Some Random Chick.

She Didn’t Know Me.

She’d Never Met Me.

She Just Screwed-Up Her Dialing While Having A Couple Drinks.

It Happens.

I’ve Done It In My Personal History.

Most Folks Have.

But That Doesn’t Make Me Like It Any More So.


…I Am Now AWAKE.

I’m Staring At This Computer Monitor…

…Knowing Good And Hell Well It’s Only Going To Make The Headache Worse…

…And Make Sleeping Just That Much More Difficult.

I’m Thinking I’m Hungry, But Hate I Eating This Late/Early In The Day.

It’s Too Late To Go Walking…

…So The Stuff Would Just Sit There In My Stomach…

…All The While Slowly Dissolving There And Becoming Part Of My Ass.




…I Learned (once again) I Shouldn’t TRY To Be Funny.

Every Single Time I TRY To Be Funny, I And/Or The Jokes Always Seem To Be A Bit Off.

I Suck At Telling Jokes.

Funny Things Happen TO Me I Can Then Bring-Up To Others…

…But I Shouldn’t TRY To Be Funny.

I Should Just Be Dry’ish…





I Guess This Post Is Really Just About Simple BS That Has Irritated And/Or Enlightened Me.

It’s Something To Read, Anyway.

I Guess That’s Good Enough When One Is This Tired.

I’m Going To Give Sleep Another Go-’round, Now.

Wish Me Luck.



…Since I Only Know Bad-Luck…

…Perhaps You Should Wish For Success More So Than Luck.


Wish Me Success.

That’d Be Awesome…

…Which Is Also Awesome.

Just Don’t Gamble On Awesome Success.

That’s A Fools Bet.

Awesome Success Would Be Awesome Awesome…

…But The Odds Ain’t In My Favor.


7 responses to “This Could Become A Very Long Night.

  1. This reminds me of an old “Mad Magazine” ad that was a take-off on a Dial soap commercial: A guy is in a shower, lathered up, pulling back the shower curtain as he looks out the door at a phone in the hallway.

    The caption is, “Aren’t you glad you know how to dial? Don’t you wish everyone did?”



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