Oh, My Peeps…

...I’m Very Unsure What To Think At This Point.

My Health Situation Continues To Hinder All My Efforts.

The Headache Is No Better…

…Which Further Pushes The Thought Upon Me…

“This MUST Be Allergies. Period.”

It’s Literally Driving Me Crazier Than I’d Have Dreamed Possible.

I Can’t Seem To Put Enough Time And Effort Into Anything.

The Doctors Insist I’m Alright.

No Tumors Or Anything Of The Sort.

Sinus Infection, Maybe?

I’m Sitting Here At Present Awaiting Their Call With Further Orders.

I’m Banking They’re Going To Say…

“You Need Antibiotics, Young Man.”

To Which I’ll Say…

“Do You Remember What Those Did To Me Last Time?… … … …. …I Didn’t Think So.”



I’d Explain In Further Detail…

…But It Wouldn’t Be Very Dignified.

You’d Need The Gory Details To Make It All Come Together.

And It AIN’T A Pretty Picture.

Just Ask The Toilet.

(wink wink nudge nudge)


It Was Bad.


…Once Again…

…I’ll Likely Be Trading One Form Of Pain And Misery For A Totally Different Take On Pain And Misery.

Sheesh, I Tell You.

Sheesh, Indeed.

<><><> Β  <><><> Β  <><><>

<><> Β <><>



…I Just Wanted To Make Sure Y’all Knew What Was Up.

I’m Not Dead.

I’m Just…


“On The Shelf”

…As They Would Say.

It’s Killing Me Not To Spend Time With Y’all.

I Just Don’t Have Any Focus.

...Other Than My Preoccupation With My Damned Headache And Why It Won't Go Away...

Perhaps Another Day Away Won’t Kill Me…

…But It Does Hurt.

I Enjoy Blogging More Than Most Activities.


…For Now…

…I’m Going To Digress.

Just Take Care Of You For Me, My Peeps.

Much Love To You All.

I’ll Lick Ya L8r, Taters!



6 responses to “Oh, My Peeps…

  1. another dr. opinion is in order…keep going till you find one who listens…one thought, years ago I had an impacted tooth and didn’t have any symptoms but a headache, literally thought it was in my head, nothing worked…good luck and hang in there πŸ˜‰


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