A Quickie For My Peeps…

…As I Just Really Wanted Y’all To Know I Haven’t Gone Away.

I Continue To Live And Breathe, It’s Just Not So Easy.

I’ve Had A Headache For Over A Week, Now.

So It Really Pains Me To Sit Here And Stare At This Bloody Computer Screen.

I’ve Also Been Using What Energy I Have Left In My Proverbial Tank To Aide In Taking Care Of My Grandfather (aka Paw).

So I Simply Haven’t Had The Free Time To Indulge Myself In My Little Bloggin’ing World.

I’m Hoping Things Will Slow Down Soon, And I’ll Be Back Here To Work For Y’all.

Right This Moment, What I Need Most Of All Is A Damned Decent Walk-About.

Perhaps, Afterward, I Shall Be Inspired Enough To Put Something Together For You, My Peeps.

For Now…

…For Right Now…

…Please Just Accept My Apologies For Not Having Been Around As Much.

I Ain’t Dead…


…And I Do Still Feel My Passion For Writing For The Enjoyment Of All Concerned.

It’s Just Been Super Hard To Find BOTH Time AND Opportunity.

When I’ve Got One, I Never Seem To Have The Other.

Drives Me Crazy, As I’m Sure Y’all Can Easily Relate.


…My Peeps…

…Please Do Continue Looking Forward To Future Posts From Moi.

I’ll Be Taking Care Of Paw Again, This Afternoon.

Perhaps He Will Just Take One Of His Naps, And I’ll Be Able To Churn Out SOMETHING Worth A Glance OR A Read.

I Do Love Ya, My Peeps, And I Appreciate Your Time AND Your Patience In This Matter.

As The Song Goes…

-“We’ll Meet Again…

…Don’t Know Where…

…Don’t Know When…

…But I Know…

…We’ll Meet Again…

…Some Sunny Day…“-

How Very VERY Fitting, Eh!?!


…Made Me Smile, Also.


10 responses to “A Quickie For My Peeps…

    • Thank You Very Much, Kind Sir.
      Yes, Family Is Most Important, So I Give Them All My Time They May Require.
      And I’ll Keep Workin’ At It.
      I Promise To Post Regularly Just As Soon As Possible.


  1. omg can’t believe you even spent one minute here…go, back to bed, whatever you need to do, we can wait! get better my fellowblogger, we can WAIT πŸ˜‰


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