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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, discovers vampires are planning to take over the United States. He makes it his mission to eliminate them.

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell, Dominic Cooper, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Alternate history isn’t a new concept by any means, but I’m telling you to prepare for much more of it. Hollywood only needs to see a success story once before the cashing in begins. The possibilities are endless when you think about it. There’s certainly an audience for Jimmy Carter: Demon Killer, Alexander Graham Bell: Occult Assassin, or Ronald Reagan: The Frankenstein Years. While we’re on the topic of ridiculous concepts, let’s talk about the negative reviews for this movie. If you aren’t a huge horror enthusiast that gets the kitschy appeal of ALVH, why did you bother seeing…

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Story Of My Life. :-/

Welcome to the space of Dreams!


I have a song, I’d like to share,
About a girl, I use to care,
We built our lives, for three long years,
But failed to bridge, the gap between.

I loved her so, but couldn’t complete,
The bond of two, in one with peace,
She grew too quick, to love my wit,
I paced the beat, within my heart.

I cared too much, what dad would say,
If home I brought, this part of me,
She too couldn’t bear, her folks to see,
This guy she found, new strength and being.

We talked so much, about life’s stuff,
We’re good together, inside your feathers,
You shared your son, with me his fun,
I saw the family, I long for sanity.

But deep within, you saw my sin,
The world around, as cut me down,
I’m not myself, I shall not love,
You tried to change, my nature in vain.

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Moviehole is reporting that Chucky, the children’s doll with the soul of a serial killer, is getting a straight-to-DVD (and Blu-Ray) sequel.  This will be the fifth sequel to the 1988 film Child’s Play.  Curse of Chucky will be written, produced, and directed by the series creator Don Mancini.

Moviehole says this about the plot:

Chucky arrives to wreck havoc within a family that’s regrouped for a funeral. In the wake of her mother’s passing, a young woman – in a wheelchair since birth – is forced to put up with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and their nanny as they say their goodbyes to mother. When people start turning up dead, the fearless Nica discovers the culprit might be a “strange doll” she was sent a couple of days earlier.

They also report that this will be more of a return to the horror-style of the…

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