What’s On Now?!? “BUTCH CASSIDY And THE SUNDANCE KID” (1969)

Well, My Peeps…

…It’s Saturday Night…


(a slightly bitter-sweet victory, but I'm a Cardinal first and foremost)

…And I Ain’t Got Nothin’ Else Goin’ On.


…I Figured It Was Time To Break-Out A Quality Flick And Just Chill For A While.

I Went Through Every DVD I Have…

…All 500+ Of Them…

…And I Simply Could Not Decide On WHAT I Was Gonna Chill For A While With.

Then It Hit Me.

By Golly I Haven’t Seen This One For A Piece!

So Why Not, Eh?!

Why Not, Indeed!!!


…My Viewing Pleasure Decided To Go West…


…To Bolivia…




…Tonight I’m Watching…





!!!!!! !!!!!!

I Know…

…I Know…

…You’re JEALOUS!!!

And You Honestly Have A Right To Be, My Peeps.

Not Everyone Is Just Sooo Damned Cool They Can Spend A Saturday Night At Home And STILL Be ROCKIN’-IT-HARD!!!

No Punning There, My Peeps.

I Mean…

…You Can Pun If You Wanna…

…But None Was Intended There.


You Peeps Have Dirty Minds.





…Is One Of The Classic ALL-TIME-GREAT Westerns.


It Even Made My Personal List Of The Best Westerns EVER MADE!!!


It’s A Classic Adventure Loaded With Thrills, Shoot-Outs, Fun, And It’s Packed With Plenty Of Heart.

I Don’t Know If You Could Ask For A Better Flick To Enjoy On A Saturday Evening.

Safe In The Air-Conditioning.

Hot Coffee A Brewin’.

Full-Belly Of Home-Cookin’.

T’Is A Right Dandy Evening, To Say The Least.

I Sincerely Hope Y’all Are Having A Mighty Fine Day…

…And I Hope More-So That It Carries Over Into The Evening…

…And Onward Into Tomorrow.

I Shall Pester Y’all Later, My Peeps.

I’ve Got A Few Things In The Works For You…

…But They’re Taking A Break With Me.

Time For Some…





12 responses to “What’s On Now?!? “BUTCH CASSIDY And THE SUNDANCE KID” (1969)

  1. Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid–If I remember correctly, doesn’t that flick end with Butch & the Kid deciding that they have wearied of a life of violence, and have resolved to go peacefully with the authorities?

    And, serious question (I have preface it like that because so much of what I say, including the preceding paragraph is a little tongue in cheek), why the preference for the Cards over the Royals? And again, that’s not intended to be a loaded question–I favor my NL team over my AL team, too–I’m just curious.


    • I Was Just Talking About The Saturday That Was… The Saturday That Is… And The Saturday I’m Going To Be Having In The Near Future.
      It Started With The Cards Vs Royals…
      …And I’ve Moved On To A Movie, Following Dinner (a mighty wonderful stir-fry with all the veggies fresh from my garden), and Now, I’m Kicking Back, Watching My Movie, And Drinking My Evening Coffee! hehe
      And No.
      Butch And Sundance Get Blasted To Pieces In The End. They Don’t Show The Blasting To Pieces… But They Show Them Running Out Into The Cauldron Of Death, Then It Freeze-Frames On Them… Then You Hear A Hundred Gunshots.
      Wonderful Film.
      Simply Wonderful.

      So What Are YOU Doing With YOUR Saturday?
      You’ve Got The Gist Of Mine hehehehe


      • I’m alternating between pretending to work, playing with my kids, and waiting for dinner and the ballgame.

        And as I tried to indicate in my first post, I hope you realize I was kidding about the ending of the flick, and don’t think me a complete moron.

        Enjoy your evening!


        • I Gotcha, Ma’am, No Worries πŸ™‚
          And I Do Hope You Enjoy Your Evening, As Well!
          Please Take Care, Fo SHO.
          Oh, And Just So You Know…
          The CHISOX Are My 3RD Favorite AL Team hahaha
          So I’ll Be Rooting Against You And Your Beloved Dodgers.
          Of Course…
          …I Have Kenley Jansen On My Fantasy Baseball Team. Dude Can Freakin’ PITCH… …When He’s Right. Otherwise, He’s A Wild One hahaha I Do Love To Watch Him Work, Tho, That’s A BIG Fo SHO!!!

          Holla Anytime You Please, Ms. Smak.
          I Do So Enjoy Bantering With You.
          You Make Me Smile πŸ™‚


          • They’re my first-favorite team to have ever thrown a World Series and subsequently spend 80 years or so (what, 1919-2005? not gonna look up the dates or do the math) in baseball purgatory.

            But otherwise they’re like 25th for me.


            • Actually, The Cubs Threw The 1918 World Series To The BoSOX, Which Incited The ChiSOX To Throw The 1919 Series To Cincy.
              I’ve Studied The Subject A Bundle.
              It’s One Of Those Unspoken Truths.
              It’s A Fascinating Subject, Fo SHO!
              I Love Mixing HISTORY and BASEBALL!!!
              My Two Favorite Subjects! hahahaha
              And You’re Correct About The Dates.
              The CHISOX Won In 1917, Threw It In 1919, Didn’t Win Again Until 2005, Making That a LONGER Walk In Purgatory Than The BoSOX Had, Though The BoSOX Got All The Glory And Whatnot When They Won. Most Folks Have Already Forgotten The CHISOX Won It In 2005 hahahahaha


              • Hold on now…a pattern of corruption like that would indicate some kind of systematic, organized criminal activity. As far as I’m aware, Chicago has always been a pretty clean town. You may want to check your facts.

                In all seriousness, I hadn’t heard about that, and you’re right, it is fascinating. Was it the same outfit that corrupted Charlie Sheen & the boys?

                Can you suggest on online resource where I can check this out a little more (but not super) thoroughly?


                • The Best Info Is In A Book… “THE ORIGINAL CURSE” Talks All About It, And Presents Us With All The Surviving Evidence. It’s Pretty Wonderful, Actually. Especially For Someone Like Me Who Loves Baseball And History, And Who SERIOUSLY HATES The Cubbies.
                  Also, I Never Answered Your Other Question.
                  I’m A National League Boy, Plain And Simple.
                  I Believe The National League Is The Only Example Of TRUE BLUE BASEBALL. I Hate Hate HATE The DH. I Think It’s Pathetic, Actually.
                  And, 1985 Was My 1ST Year Of Watching, Loving, LIVING Baseball. The Two Best Teams That Year Where Both Of My Local Clubs… The Cards And The Royals. So, They Became My Favorite Teams, And It’s Stuck With Me Forever. TOMMY HERR (2B) and DARRELL PORTER (C) Of The Cardinals Are My Favorite Players… and BRET SABERHAGEN Of The Royals is My Favorite Pitcher Ever Ever Ever hehehehe

                  Wow… I’m So Sorry…
                  …I’m A Little Long-Winded Tonight.
                  My Bad, Ma’am, Fo SHO.
                  Gotta Work On That.


                  • That makes sense. My first affinities for sports teams (most particularly baseball, the only sport I really pay attention to) stem from hometown affiliation.
                    I live in the rangy no-man’s-land that divides LA partisans from their douchey counterparts to the north. You’ll find a few bandwagon-jumping Anaheim fans (and one guy I know who’s loved the Angels way back since the Cowboy era–Nolan Ryan and missed opportunities–and I make the exception for him alone of not referring to the team as ‘Anaheim’–THEY STILL PLAY THERE, DAMMIT!). Anyone around here in an A’s hat I just assume is a drug-dealer.

                    As a kid the Royals WERE my AL team. I loved George Brett. Then my aunt married a dude named GB, so I would tell people my uncle was GB. I wasn’t an untruthful kid, per se, but I didn’t exactly go out of my way to announce that they weren’t the same person.

                    But when we moved up to the PNW (that’s Pacific Northwest for the auslanders, in case you didn’t pick that up in your time up there), it was “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” We’d get M’s tickets cheap because they sucked, sucked, sucked. But then came ’95.
                    True story–and I have the ticket stub to prove it. In 1995, I was living in Southern California. I and my girlfriend, who was a fan of Anaheim (as the Gayngels were known at that time) went to the August 3rd game (I think it was, I’ll have to check) in Anaheim vs. the M’s.
                    Anaheim was on a steady clip toward the division title, up something like 13.5 games over the M’s. But the Mariners won the game that we saw. On the way out, my GF was bitching about Anaheim’s loss. I said, “Oh, give it a rest–the Angels are so far in first place. Can’t you just let the Mariners have this?”
                    Then began one of the biggest (and to my thinking the most super-awesomest) collapse in baseball history. Oh, the schadenfreude. It warms my heart to this day. I have framed in my office the October 3, 1995 front page of the Tacoma News Tribune which reads CHAMPIONS!

                    Ha ha–FU Anaheim! Then they won the World Series…over SF. Worst World Series EVER. So, so hateful.

                    Now who’s being talky? No more excuses–I have work to do (and a ballgame to semi-watch).


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