Ever Taken A Ferry Ride?


Original Photos By Bradley Alan

This Is The Ferry That Takes You From…





…At Least…

…It USED To.

I Haven’t Been There In So So Long, So I’m Unsure If This Particular One Still Exists.

Nevertheless, I Thought It Was A Cool Photo To Share With Y’all.

Hope Ya Dig It, My Peeps!


4 responses to “Ever Taken A Ferry Ride?

  1. It still runs to Bremerton, man! How long were you out on the Peninsula?

    Also, I know this isn’t the appropriate post for this comment, but I STILL have “We Built This City” running through my f***ing head. I hope you’re proud of yourself, man.


  2. And that explains your affection for the M’s. They’re my favorite AL team, and I’ve been waiting since the early 1990s for them to throw a no-hitter (I think Chris Bosio threw their last one), and then they go throw it against my favorite team ever. How’s that for a left-handed gift?


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