“Everyone You Know’s Been Through It… You Bite The Bullet… Then You Chew It…” –ROY ORBISON (“The Only One”)

“…Tie The Knot At The End Of Your Rope

Buy A Book To Help You Cope

But No Consolation Gonna Come

You’re THE ONLY ONE. …”



“…Take A Look Through History

Recant Some Bits Of Poetry

You’ll Find The Words Still Ring True

Some Things Don’t Change

Some Things Do



“…And You’re THE ONLY ONE With A Broken Heart

THE ONLY ONE Who’s Afraid Of The Dark

THE ONLY ONE In A Crowded Room

THE ONLY ONE Who Sees The Blue Moon. …”




Good Morning, My Peeps.

I’ve Been Itching To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things.

Itching To Get Back To Being ME.

I May Not Be Back To 100%…

…But I’m Back Enough To Do What I Love.

To Any Being…

…That Should Be Good Enough.

I Know I’ll Never Ever Never Never Ever Be 100% Again…

…But As Long As I Can Write…


…My Condition Is Acceptable.

Even As I Write This Now…

…My Left-Hand Continues To Jerk-Away From My Keyboard…

…Like The Keys Are Hot, Or Prickly, Or Whatever.

The Tremors Appears To Be At Bay Currently…

…Which Is A Great Thing.

The Muscle-Spasms, However, Remain.

One Day, My Peeps.

One Day.

Perhaps These Will ALSO Go Away.

I Try Not To Get My Hopes Up…

…But I Find That Impossible.

Hope Is What I Have.

So Why On Earth Would I Give That Part Up???


…And I Quote…


I Find New Truths In Those Words All The Time.

No One Has All The Answers.

But We Sure Can Pretend We Do.


…I Digress.


The Song I’ve Highlighted Today…




…Is A Little Tune I’ve Been Wanting To Touch-Upon For A While, Now.

I Consider It A True-Blue FORGOTTEN CLASSIC.

I Can’t Tell You How Many Times I’ve Listened To It…

…Though I Know It’s A Rather Large Number Of Times.

It’s A Song The Bores Deep Within Me.

It Bores Deep Into My Mind AND My Heart.

There Have Been Many MANY Times In My Life Where I Sincerely Have Felt Like I’m The Only One.

The Only One Who Gets ME.

The Only One Who Understands What’s Up.

The Only One Who Knows When Something Is Right…

…Or Wrong.

The Only One, Period.

I Also Know That’s Not True.

I Know I Can’t Be It.

I Can’t Be The Only One.

6+Billion Peeps In The World…

…So I Know I’m Not The Only One Who Sees It All As I Do.

People Are Individuals…

…And Individuals Themselves Are Unique…

…But Still…

…Ya Know?!?!?

Sure You Do.

This Song…


…Is Virtually UNKNOWN.

I Have Yet To Meet A Person Who Has Been Able To Honestly Say…

“Yeah Yeah, I Know That Tune!”

And Yet…

…It Remains A Personal FAVE Of FAVES.

I’m Unsure If This Post Has Any “Flow” Whatsoever.

The More I Re-Read it…

…The More It Seems Like A Long-Winded Ramble.

If You Know Me, However…

…You Know That’s Really How BRADLEY Is.

Just One Long-Winded Ramble After Another.

I Suppose That’s Both A GRAND And TERRIBLE Thing…


…That ALSO Describes ME.

And THAT Is Acceptable.


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