“Three May Keep A Secret…”

If Two Of Them Are Dead.



8 responses to ““Three May Keep A Secret…”

      • I think it is great when people share what they love. You never know who might be reading that, about to tell some crazy secret and then they see that quote and remember that secrets don’t usually stay secret Dor long when they are shared with others.


        • I’m All For Sharing What You Love…
          …But If You’ve Got A Secret…
          …And You’re Sure You Don’t Want The World To Know…
          …It’s Best To Just Keep It In Your Pocket hehehe
          The Only Person You Can (almost) ALWAYS Be Sure Of Is Yourself. That’s Just A Hard Fact Of Reality.
          Everyone Has Some Secret They’ll Never Share.
          Period. That’s Another Of Those Hard Facts.

          Thank You THANK YOU For The Continued Support.
          I Do Love Your Comments, Fo SHO!


  1. That Franklin guy was one smart dude. First post-master general of, you know, that institution called the Post Office that’s been around for over 200 years that some in Congress now inexplicably are trying to kill off. Public sector evilness and all that. Guess Franklin must have been a socialist or something.


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