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Aloha, Mister Hand

Released in 1992, this was one of my favorites as a child, and still is. Mikey is an evil little brat who kills anyone who stands in his way. After moving from family to family after killing his own, Mikey manipulates, controls, and destroys everyone in his path. With some pretty gnarly kills, including letting his sister drown after throwing her toy in the pool, to electrocution via bathtub + hair dryer, baseball bat beatings, deranged slingshots, and more, Mikey is definitely up there in the ‘killer kid’ genre.

Another chilling, evil child is Henry from The Good Son. Released in 1993, it is not technically a horror movie, and does focus more on the drama and psychology of the family as a whole. However, the terror that Henry causes is nothing short of horrifying. Macaulay Culkin can play a great psychopath, even as a little kid, and this…

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