“It Is The Faculty Of The Human Mind…”

“…To Become What It Contemplates, And To Act In Unison With It’s Object.








2 responses to ““It Is The Faculty Of The Human Mind…”

  1. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:

    I Originally Had So SO Much Planned To Go Along With This Quote, As It’s A Topic I’m EXCEPTIONALLY Familiar With. Trust Me, Truuuust Me. The Human Mind Is So Amazingly-Complex, Yet Very-Very-Simple. You Know What Some Things Do To You. You Talk About It In The Beginning, But It Can Become An Obsession. This Quote Is Likely THE Quote-Quote, For Me, Of All-Time.
    It Makes PERFECT Sense. To Me, Anyway. And Possibly To A Bundle Of Y’all.
    So I’m Rebloggin’ing Myself, Because This Quote Meant The Flippin’ Farm To Me.
    Thomas Paine Is A Very Smart Human. Well… Was AND Is.
    He’s Dead, But We Have The Words Of Wisdom Forever.
    L8r On, Kiddies.


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