This Piece, However, Is THE MOST REQUESTED Piece I Have In Regard To Rebloggin’ing Requests. My Family AND My Friends Think It’s One Of The My Best, And The Continue Telling Me I Should Do More And More AND MORE Just Like It.
…This One Is Being Reblogged With LOTS Of LOVE And HAPPINESS.
I’m VERY Pleased Everyone Has Enjoyed It So Much.
And THANK YOU For Continuing To Follow My Work.
It Is MUCH Appreciated, My Peeps 🙂

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

“…You’ve Only Had To Run So Far, So Good. But You Will Come To A Place, Where The Only Thing You Feel Are Loaded Guns In Your Face. And You’ll Have To Deal With PRESSURE!!!”

“…You Used To Call Me Paranoid… …PRESSURE. But Even You Cannot Avoid… …PRESSURE. …”

“…You Turn The Tap-Dance Into Your Crusade. Now Here You Are With Your Faith, And Your Peter Pan Advice. You Have No Scars On Your Face. And You Cannot Handle PRESSURE!!!”




Is Something I Remember From The Beginning Of MY MEMORY.

It Came Out In 1982.


We Had A Tornado Come Through My Hometown That Summer.


…I Don’t Honestly Remember The Tornado.

That Was In May, 1982.

My Memories Begin In September, 1982.

It’s A Smell.

No Joke, My Peeps.

It’s The Smell Of Wood.


My Conscious Mind…

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