Since I’m A Huge Fan Of “HALLOWEEN III: Season Of The Witch”…
…AND Of The Blogger Doin’ The Review…
…I Simply Couldn’t Pass-Up The Opportunity To Reblog This One.
Love It LOVE IT!!!

Aloha, Mister Hand

I’ll start off by saying that this is not a bad movie. Sure, the acting may not be tip-top, but hey, that’s okay. It was 1982. They were trying something new. I think a lot of people write this movie off instantly when they hear it has nothing to do with Michael Myers and his teenage murder fetish, save for the Samhain aspect, but I think that’s completely unfair. Especially when you consider the time period, the idea behind it, and the fact that the Halloween series of today was not the Halloween series of yesteryear. It was supposedly intended to be an anthology series, but once people got a taste of ol’ Michael, they weren’t about to let him go. So when this was released, everyone was disappointed,  and still continue to be today. I know, this movie is not that great, definitely not on par with the rest…

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    • hahaha
      I Know A Lot Of People Who Feel That Way, Sir.
      So No Worries.
      I’m Just A HUGE Tom Atkins Fan hahahaha
      BUT, I Still Loved The Movie.
      It Was DIFFERENT.
      Different WORKS FOR ME Sometimes 😉


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