“Bet YOU Wish YOU Could Sleep THIS WELL!”



Have Fun Tonight, My Peeps.

It IS Saturday.

So I Assume “MISSY” Is Doing The Ole “PRE-Party Nap” Thingy-Thing.

Smmmmmmmaaaarrrrt Little Lady, Eh!?!


This Piece, However, Is THE MOST REQUESTED Piece I Have In Regard To Rebloggin’ing Requests. My Family AND My Friends Think It’s One Of The My Best, And The Continue Telling Me I Should Do More And More AND MORE Just Like It.
…This One Is Being Reblogged With LOTS Of LOVE And HAPPINESS.
I’m VERY Pleased Everyone Has Enjoyed It So Much.
And THANK YOU For Continuing To Follow My Work.
It Is MUCH Appreciated, My Peeps 🙂

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

“…You’ve Only Had To Run So Far, So Good. But You Will Come To A Place, Where The Only Thing You Feel Are Loaded Guns In Your Face. And You’ll Have To Deal With PRESSURE!!!”

“…You Used To Call Me Paranoid… …PRESSURE. But Even You Cannot Avoid… …PRESSURE. …”

“…You Turn The Tap-Dance Into Your Crusade. Now Here You Are With Your Faith, And Your Peter Pan Advice. You Have No Scars On Your Face. And You Cannot Handle PRESSURE!!!”




Is Something I Remember From The Beginning Of MY MEMORY.

It Came Out In 1982.


We Had A Tornado Come Through My Hometown That Summer.


…I Don’t Honestly Remember The Tornado.

That Was In May, 1982.

My Memories Begin In September, 1982.

It’s A Smell.

No Joke, My Peeps.

It’s The Smell Of Wood.


My Conscious Mind…

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I’ve Had Multiple Requests To Reblog This One, Tho More People Appeared Offended By It Than ANY Of My Other Posts.
The Odd Part, To Me, Is That One Of Those People I Mention Within The Post Was One Of Those Whom Requested I Share This One Again.
It May Be Odd, But It ALSO Made Me Feel Very Good About This Piece. Sooo…
…I’m Happy To Share It With Y’all One More Time.
Please Have A Great Weekend, My Peeps.

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

… … …

“…I Wish I Was Special.

You’re So Fu*king Special.

But I’m A Creep.

I’m A Weirdo.

What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

I Don’t Belong Here. …”

… … …

… … …

“…I Don’t Care If It Hurts.

I Want To Have Control.

I Want A Perfect Body.

I Want A Perfect Soul.

I Want You To Notice… When I’m Not Around.

You’re So Fu*king Special.

I Wish I Was Special.

But I’m A Creep.

I’m A Weirdo.

What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

I Don’t Belong Here. …”

… … …

I Received An Email Earlier This Afternoon From An Old Friend.

In It, Said Friend Told Me He LOVED My Postings Where I Got Things On A Much More Personal Level.

He Said I Have A Way Of Explaining Myself, My Motives, My Reasons, etc etc, That Make Some Of My Work…

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Since I’m A Huge Fan Of “HALLOWEEN III: Season Of The Witch”…
…AND Of The Blogger Doin’ The Review…
…I Simply Couldn’t Pass-Up The Opportunity To Reblog This One.
Love It LOVE IT!!!

Aloha, Mister Hand

I’ll start off by saying that this is not a bad movie. Sure, the acting may not be tip-top, but hey, that’s okay. It was 1982. They were trying something new. I think a lot of people write this movie off instantly when they hear it has nothing to do with Michael Myers and his teenage murder fetish, save for the Samhain aspect, but I think that’s completely unfair. Especially when you consider the time period, the idea behind it, and the fact that the Halloween series of today was not the Halloween series of yesteryear. It was supposedly intended to be an anthology series, but once people got a taste of ol’ Michael, they weren’t about to let him go. So when this was released, everyone was disappointed,  and still continue to be today. I know, this movie is not that great, definitely not on par with the rest…

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“Although The Chief Magistrate Must Almost Of Necessity Be Chosen By A Party And Stand Pledged To Its Principles And Measures…”

“…Yet In His Official Action He Should NOT Be The President Of A Party Only, But Of The Whole People Of The United States.”



Elected In 1844

The Most Underrated President In OUR Country’s History

Father Of OUR Manifest Destiny

In His ONE TERM, He Took The U.S. Of A. From Sea To Shining Sea

He Would Die Just 3-Months After Leaving Office In 1849


…Seldom Comes To A Man’s Aid While He Is In The Zenith Of Health, And Reveling In Pomp And Luxury Upon Ill-Gotten Spoils. It Is Generally The Last Act Of His Life, And Comes Too Late To Be Of Much Service To Others Here, Or To Himself Hereafter.