I Am Bruce Lee is a documentary currently airing on Spike TV.  It follows the life of Bruce Lee until his tragic death in 1973.  Featuring interviews with Mickey Rourke (actor), Dana White (President of UFC), Stephan Bonnar (UFC fighter), Linda Lee Caldwell (Lee’s wife), Shannon Lee (Lee’s daughter), Ed O’Neill (actor) and more, they share their insights into the cultural and martial arts influence of Lee.  Many of the interviews are from friends and family.  They are interspersed with footage of Lee from interviews and behind the scenes while making films.

While this is a very decent documentary and has enjoyed limited theatrical screening, to me it completely came across as a one sided propaganda piece.  They focus almost solely on the good points of Lee and very little on his reported temper.  It is mentioned, but this piece plays out like an effort to give Lee sainthood.While this…

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