No Jivin’ Tonight, Turkey. Just A “7X7 LINK AWARD” To Happily Accept!

First Off, Allow Me To Give A Quick Shout-Out To MR. FISTER ROBOTO ( For Presenting Me With The Nomination For The Very Neato-Torpedo “7X7 LINK AWARD” Earlier Today.

It’s VERY MUCH Appreciated, Sir! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Okay, My Peeps.

To Accept This Award, I’m Required To Do As Follows…

1ST, Thank The Person Who Nominated Me.

2ND, Share SEVEN (7) Random Facts About ME.

3RD, Share SEVEN (7) Of My Posts I Feel Are Worthy Enough, And Put Them Under The Headers Of…

 Most Beautiful Piece

Most Helpful Piece

Most Popular Piece

Most Controversial Piece

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Most Underrated Piece


Most Pride Worthy Piece

4TH, Nominate SEVEN (7) Other Bloggers, Then Notify Them.

 I Think I Can Handle This One, So Let’s Get To It…

… … … … … … …

SEVEN (7) Random Facts About ME (Bradley) &

1.) I Know The Alphabet BACKWARD So SO WELL That Saying It Forward Takes An Extra Moment Of Thought… …On Occasion!

2.) I Met AND Had My Photo Taken With Actor WILFORD BRIMLEY At A Celebrity Tennis Match!

3.) I Met AND Chilled A Bit With “TRON” Himself, BRUCE BOXLEITNER, When He Came On-Board My Aircraft-Carrier, The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)!


5.) I Honestly Prefer Driving MANUAL-TRANSMISSION Vehicles!

6.) The CAR Of MY Dreams Is The 1977 PONTIAC TRANS-AM (wink wink)!

7.) The Very VERY 1ST DVD I Purchased Was Of “DR. STRANGELOVE”!

… … … … … … …

And Now…


= = = = = = =


Yes, It’s A Very SIMPLE Posting. And YES, I Find So Much Beauty In SIMPLICITY. My Nephew Probably Wouldn’t Be Happy To Have Had The Word “Beautiful” Used To Describe Something With HIM In It, But I Find The Term PERFECTLY FITTING In This Case.

= = = = = = =


This Posting Was The Most Helpful To ME. I Had Been Sick For A While AND Was So Depressed Over It All Because I Had THE WORST WRITER’S BLOCK. And I Simply Couldn’t Snap Myself Out Of It. And THEN, I Sat Down And Did This Posting. And I’ve Honestly Not Stopped Since. This ONE POSTING Re-Ignited Something Within Me That I’ve Refused To Turn-Off Again. I’d Call That VERY HELPFUL.

= = = = = = =


Can’t Argue With This One. This ONE Little Posting Sucked In A COUPLE THOUSAND HITS. And NO, My Peeps, I’m NOT Jokin’, Jivin’, Nadda. I’ve Never Seen Anything Quite Like It. I Love Me Some Abe Lincoln And, Apparently, So Did A COUPLE THOUSAND OF YOU.

= = = = = = =


YES, I KNOW! This Posting Only Just Came Out YESTERDAY! But The Fallout Has Been SWIFT. I Didn’t Expect To Piss-Off So So SO Many Folks By Simply Quoting A Song I Love That Has A Couple Dirty Words, And Then Explaining To The World How Much Of A Shit I Used To Be. All I Can Say Is “OH WELL!” It Honestly Felt WONDERFUL To Say Those Things, And I’m VERY PROUD Of This Posting. PERIOD.

= = = = = = =


This Little Number Sucked-Up 600+ Hits In Its First TWO (2) DAYS! I KNOW, RIGHT! I Can Easily Say I NEVER Expected That. I Had An Idea For A Posting, And Was Told By A Close-Friend That I Needed More Of Those “Personally Personal” Pieces. So I Just Went For It, Ya Know? I Had A BLAST Putting It Together, But The Response Was Simply GANG-BUSTERS!

= = = = = = =


The Near-FAILURE Of This Posting Actually IRRITATED The Hell Out Of Me. I Honestly Felt Like The Folks Reading It Gave It The Same Treatment The People Gave The Film When It Was Released In 1966. I Had A BIG-BLAST Working On It, And Really Expected A Better Response From The Readers. However, I’m Not Bitter About It. They Can’t All Be GANG-BUSTERS, As I’m VERY SURE You’re All Well Aware.

= = = = = = =


This Posting, BY FAR, Filled Me With The Utmost PRIDE, Both During The Creative Process AND After Its Release. I’m VERY PROUD Of My Family AND My Military Service. So Making This Selection Was, Also BY FAR, The EASIEST Of The Seven.

= = = = = = =

… … … … … … …

And Last, But Certainly NOT Least…

…The SEVEN (7) Fellow Blogger Nominees…


Baghead Kelly (

Ms. Dolly (

Vikram Roy (

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The Future 2020 (

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Bizzam (

… … … … … … …

Hope Y’all Enjoyed This.

I Sure Did.