“Rommel… You Magnificent Bastard… I READ YOUR BOOK!” — GEORGE C. SCOTT As “General George S. Patton, Jr.” In “PATTON” (1970)

I'm Kickin'-It-Back This Evening, Enjoying A Personal-Favorite Film Of Mine AND My Grandfather. I First Saw "PATTON" Before I'd Even Reached A Double-Digit Age. In Fact, I Can Remember Saving-Up $30 For The Lone-Purpose Of OWNING The Double-TAPE Special Edition On Good Ole VHS. YES, VHS FILMS DID COST $30 At One Point. That Ain't Even A Joke Or A Jive, My Peeps. BUT, To ME, It Was TOTALLY WORTH IT! It Was A Movie I Sincerely LOVED To Break-Out And Watch EVERY Memorial Day, 4TH Of July, Veteran's Day, Etc Etc. You Name A Military-Themed Holiday, I'd Bet You That $30 "PATTON" Was Watched By Myself On More Than One Occasion. It May Not Be Everyone's Cup-O-Tea, But You Can Bet Your Boots It IS One Of Mine! And As A Minor Side-Note... I Actually Had A Math Teacher Who Used To Call Me GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY (for obvious reasons). It Always Used To Make Me Smile So So Much When He'd Say That. Sheesh. I Hadn't Thought About That For YEARS And YEARS. SEE! I Keep Tellin' People BLOGGING IS VERY THERAPEUTIC!!! πŸ˜‰

4 responses to ““Rommel… You Magnificent Bastard… I READ YOUR BOOK!” — GEORGE C. SCOTT As “General George S. Patton, Jr.” In “PATTON” (1970)

  1. My favorite movie! The special edition that I have actually has footage of a speech General Patton gave at the Los Angeles Coliseum; audio with his voice, which is rare. The movie Patton is written almost entirely from actual letters and documents in Patton’s “Papers.” So, everything in the movie is from actual accounts, to include the quotes and phrases used by Patton. When you watch the movie, you are literally watching the pages of his writings before your very eyes. I have nearly 20 books on Patton, to include “The Patton Papers” If you like the movie, you might want to pick a few of the books that have been written about him.


    • “PATTON” and “PATHS OF GLORY” Are My Faves Of The Genera, Fo SHO. And I Have THAT SAME EDITION Of PATTON, Sir hehehe Though, I Sadly Admit I’ve Not Read The Books From His Personal Writings, Etc 😦 But NOW I WANNA! hehe


  2. Where was Rommel on D-Day? Wasn’t he at a birthday party? Where was Hitler? The soldiers on the boats could see the carnage on the beach and in the water, yet they had no choice but to head the same direction where all the killing was going on. Some probably hardly stepped off the boats to instant death. It has been 68 years since D-Day so a 20 year old soldier that day if still living would be 88 years old.


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    Since I Can’t Sleep, I’m Watching “PATTON”!!! And While I’m Sure I Have More To Say About The Flick Itself, This Little Reblog Will Do For Now. It’s A Classic Among Classics, Fo SHO, And An All-Time Fave!
    So Why Not Give It The Reblog, Ya Know?! Sure You Do!


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