We Open The Series…




"MEAN GUNS" Is Just A WILDLY-ENTERTAINING, SMART-MOUTHED, VIOLENT, CHEEEZZZE-FEST! hahaha And Even BETTER If You Love A Wonderfully-LATIN Soundtrack!!! ICE-T Is A Cool Baddie, Though He AIN'T The Baddie-est. CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT Is Much Much More Fun For ME. πŸ˜‰ Wanna Know MORE?! WATCH IT! Ask My Best-Friend. He LOVES Himself Some "MEAN GUNS"!!! He And I Owned This One Before 99.9375% Of Those Who Might Possibly Care Ever Knew It Existed! #WeWin HAHAHA Sheesh, I Hate That Damned # Thing. I Suppose That'll NEVER Get Comfortable. ;-

… … …

As For The Other Part Of The Double-Shot…

…We Give A Shout-Out To…



To ME, "FORTRESS" Is A TRUE-BLUE-DIAMOND In The Proverbial-Rough. It's Actually One Of THE TOP-SHELF Sci-Fi-Prison Films OF ALL-TIME, And THAT Ain't NO JIVE! I've Been A Fan Of CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT Since He Played TARZAN In 1984! He's NOT The Greatest Actor, Oh Lord Noooo. BUT He Is CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT! He's FUN, He's FLASHY, He's UNIQUE, And He's A HIGHLANDER! So Unless You're Takin' Heads, CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT Will STILL Be Making Movies When You're... Uh... Welll... Whatever. "FORTRESS" Is PRICELESS On So So SO MANY Levels! Is That JEFFREY COMBS Slippin' In There?! And TOM TOWLES, VERNON WELLS and KURTWOOD SMITH?!?!?!?! YOU BETCHA, Kiddies!!! And, As If You Needed MORE ENCOURAGEMENT... ...It's Directed By Mr. STUART GORDON (aka The Guy Who Did "RE-ANIMATOR" and "FROM BEYOND"!!!)!!! πŸ˜€

… … …

I Know, I Know.

Christopher Lambert is Most-Quoted As Saying…

There Can Be Only One!”


…To ME…

Just ONE Christopher Lambert Flick Is NEVER ENOUGH!!!



  1. Oh, hells no! ANOTHER Christopher Lambert fan!! I love that guy!! Fortress II is such a horrible film, but I love it. Along with Beowulf. hahahaha


  2. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:

    This Reblog Is Dedicated To My BFF, Who Is Stuck At Work Today Fixing The Mistakes Of Other Peeps.
    I Feel For Ya Brother…
    …So It’s Time For Some “MEAN GUNS” And Some “FORTRESS”!!!
    I Recommend To All My Peeps That You Check-Out These Two Flicks If You’re In The Mood For Some Hot CHRISTOPER LAMBERT Action!!!
    You’re The Best Dude! HANG IN THERE!!!


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