Random Movie Mention: VAN DAMME Double Shot Edition: HARD TARGET (1993) and IN HELL (2003)

The Meat Of This “Double Shot Edition” Is The Random Mentioning Of My TWO Favorite Films Starring “The Muscles From Brussels” JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME. The 1ST Mention Goes To This Little Number, JOHN WOO’s 1993 Fun-Fest “HARD TARGET”!!! I Was One Of The Fortunate To Have Seen “HARD TARGET” Within DAYS Of It’s Initial Release, And It’s Honestly Been My FAVE-FAVE Of Ole JCVD’s Since. To ME, “HARD TARGET” Has ALWAYS Been The Most Fun AND The Most Well Put-Together Film In The JCVD Library. The Highlight Of This Film, However, Is NOT JCVD Himself. No, It’s The Combination Of WILFORD BRIMLEY As JCVD’s “Cajun” Uncle, And LANCE HENRIKSEN As The Flick’s BAD BAD BADDIE!!! Trust Me, My Peeps, It’s A PRICELESS 1990s ACTION-GEM!!!

Now, WHY Does 2003s “IN HELL” Belong On My “Double Shot Edition”??? Because JCVD Is Mostly Famous For Doing Those “Fighting Tournament Flicks” Like “BLOODSPORT” Or “KICKBOXER” Or “LIONHEART” Or “THE QUEST” etc etc Well Kiddies, “IN HELL” Is BY BY BY FAR The BEST Of The BEST Of JCVD’s Rather Old And Simple Fightin’ Flicks, Fo SHO!!! Sadly, For JCVD, No One Really Bothered To Watch “IN HELL” As I’m Pretty Sure Everyone Figured “Oh Sheesh, Here’s VAN DAMME With ANOTHER Of Those Cheesy/Crappy Fightin’ Flicks.” When, In All Sincerity, I Think Folks Should See “IN HELL” And Simply Forget About Some Of Those Past Transgressions. Trust Me, My Peeps, If You’ve Liked ANY Of JCVD’s “Tournament Styled Film Entries” Then “IN HELL” May Be That One Film You’ve Overlooked. Anything In The Name Of “Quality Cheesy Entertainment” Fo SHO Fo SHO!!! πŸ˜‰

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