“Any Man Worth His Salt Will Stick Up For What He Believes Right, But It Takes A Slightly Better Man To Acknowledge Instantly, And Without Reservation, That He Is In Error.” — ANDREW JACKSON

ANDREW JACKSON (1767-1845) -7TH President Of The United States Of America-

Random Movie Mention: TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH (1949)

Last Night, Before Drifting Off To Sleep, I Decided To Watch A True Forgotten-Classic Among Classics, 1949s “TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH” Starring Man Among Men GREGORY PECK In An Oscar Nominated Performance!! He Plays “General Frank Savage”, A Hard-Boiled Tough-As-Nails B17-Bomber Pilot AND Squadron Commander During WORLD WAR II. The Acting Is WONDERFUL, But Some Of The Ariel Photography Is Simply A-MA-ZING! Trust Me, My Peeps, If You’re Into War Movies That Pack A Wallop-Of-A-Punch, “TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH” Could Very Likely Be A Diamond-In-The-Rough For You. I’d Totally Recommend It To ANYONE That Loves/Enjoys Quality Craftsmanship In Their War Flicks!!!