Random Movie Mention: DOUBLE SHOT Edition: FOR LOVE OF THE GAME (1999) and THE FAN (1996)

“FOR LOVE OF THE GAME” Is, In All Honesty, MY FAVE-FAVE Of Kevin Costner’s BASEBALL FILMS. I Felt It TRULY Got A Bunk-Rep When It Came Out, And Most Folks Simply Brushed It Aside And Carried On. NOT ME, Tho. I Saw It TWICE In The Theater. And It Was THE LAST VHS TAPE I Personally Purchased For Myself. PERIOD. I Sincerely Felt “FOR LOVE OF THE GAME” Had The BEST Story, The BEST Direction (by Sam Raimi (yeah, the EVIL DEAD director haha)!!!), And The BEST From Mr. Costner As The Aging Superstar-Pitcher “Billy Chapel” Who Can’t Get His Chick Off His Mind, All The While He’s Working On Pitching A PERFECT GAME. Is It A Sentimental Picture? Yes. Is It The Best Baseball Flick Ever? No. Is It MUCH BETTER Than MOST OF YOU Honestly KNOW? YES INDEED, My Peeps! It’s A Damn-Fine-Film, Done-Up By Some Damn-Fine-People, And It’s SO SO SO Worthy Of Y’all Giving It A Second-Chance. πŸ˜‰

Alright, I Already KNOW I’m Going To Catch “A Little Flack” Over This Movie Mention, But It’s Simply Another Case Where I Feel EVERYONE Just TOTALLY Overlooked The Movie In Question. That Movie, Of Course, Is “THE FAN” And It Stars ROBERT DE NIRO And WESLEY SNIPES. Basically, It’s Really About A Total ASS Of A Baseball Player (SNIPES) Who Eventually Gets Taught EXACTLY What Is TRULY IMPORTANT In Life, And It’s About The CRAZY AS ALL HELL Baseball Fan Who Goes To Some WILDLY GRUESOME Lengths To Teach The Ballplayer Those “Life Lessons” He’d Been Taking For Granted. Trust Me, This Is “THE BASEBALL FILM” Specifically For “THE HORROR/THRILLER FANS” If Such An Animal Truly Exists. In This Instance, I’m Pretty Sure It DOES!!!

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