Random Movie Mention: BLUE THUNDER (1983)

What More Do I Honestly Have To Say About This TRUE-BLUE-GEM Of A Motion Picture?!? EXACTLY, My Peeps, Not A DAYUM THANG!!! “BLUE THUNDER” Has Been A Film FAVE Of FAVES To Me Since The Very First Time I Had Seen It, June 1983. There Were MANY Helicopters In My Possession, And Somehow, They Were ALL Either “BLUE THUNDER” Or “AIRWOLF” Throughout My Youth. (hehe) πŸ˜€

“BLUE THUNDER” Stars ROY SCHEIDER, WARREN OATES, DANIAL STERN, and “The Bad Guy” Is MALCOLM McDOWELL!!! I Know, Right!!! GREAT CAST!!! FUN PLOT!!! NEATO TORPEDO F/X!!! A Regular, All-Around AWESOME OPOSSUM!!! Trust Me, Peeps… If You’re Into Cop Flicks AND Helicopters, This One MAY BE To YOUR Liking!!! You Should Trust Me πŸ˜‰

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