Random Movie Mention: THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (1947)

I Started Watching This One… “THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE” …This Morning (before all my commitments) And Am About To Finish It Now. You Should All TRUST ME, Peeps. “THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE” Stars HUMPHREY BOGART and WALTER HUSTON, and Is Directed By JOHN HUSTON. It Was Filmed In 1947 and Released In 1948. JOHN Won The Academy Award For Direction, and WALTER Won The Best-Supporting Actor Oscar. HUMPHREY Was Nominated, But Lost To Laurence Olivier’s “HAMLET”!?!! =|

Having Been A HUMPHREY BOGART Fan For A Long Time (started in 1991 when I was fortunate enough to see both “CASABLANCA” and “THE BIG SLEEP” in the same weekend), I Decided To Share THIS ONE… “THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE” …With Y’all. THIS ONE Is BY FAR My FAVE-FAVE HUMPHREY BOGART FLICK. PERIOD. Honestly, My Peeps, You Don’t Know Just HOW AMAZING BOGART IS Until You See His Performance As The Sad, Paranoid, Calculating, Viscous (and always “broke”) “FRED C. DOBBS” (the main character in this film), Fo SHO Fo SHO!

You Really REALLY Should Trust Me Here, My Peeps. I Won’t Lead You Astray. M’Kay??? M’KAY!!! 😉