Random Movie Mention (VALENTINE’S DAY Edition): IMMORTAL BELOVED (1994)

Since It Is Valentine’s Day, I Decided To Give A Quick Shout-Out To One Of My ALL-TIME FAVE Of FAVES Within The “Love Story” Vein Of Motion Pictures, 1994’s “IMMORTAL BELOVED“!!! GARY OLDMAN Stars as Ludwig van Beethoven, And Honestly SHOULD HAVE Received An Oscar Nomination (at the very least) For His Wildly-Exceptional Performance As The Famed Composer. I Was Fortunate Enough To Have Seen This Film In 1994 (on VHS), And Have Owned A Copy Since. In Fact, It Was One Of My VERY FIRST DVD Purchases In 1999. This Flick Is Simply Beautiful, And One I Can EASILY Recommend As GRAND ENTERTAINMENT, Especially On A Day Such As This. If You Enjoy Period-Pieces, And Amazing Performances, “IMMORTAL BELOVED” MAY BE FOR YOU!!! Happy Viewing, My Peeps, And Happy Valentine’s Day. πŸ˜‰

Random Movie Mention: VIRTUOSITY (1995)

I Ended Up Putting This Little Film On Before Going To Bed Last-Night. I’m Sure Some Of You Have Seen It, Tho I Honestly Don’t Know If ANY Of You Even LIKED It. “VIRTUOSITY” Was Released During The Summer Of 1995, And It Very Quickly Became A Personal FAVE. WHY??? Well, Hmm… Two Names… DENZEL WASHINGTON and RUSSELL CROWE… Plus A Really Neato-Torpedo Concept In Regard To Virtual-Reality (during the V.R. phase in films that was pretty prevalent in the 1990s) AND It’s Packed-Chock-Full Of Actors I Really Always Enjoy Watching (i.e. William Forsythe, William Fichtner, Louise Fletcher, and Kelly Lynch). I’ve ALWAYS Felt “VIRTUOSITY” Got An Undeserved Bum-Rep, So I SINCERELY Felt It Was Deserving Of A Random Mentioning. Wouldn’t YOU Agree?!?!?! πŸ˜‰ SURE YOU DO! πŸ˜€