Random Movie Mention: EVENT HORIZON (1997)

So, Yeah… I’ve Been Kicking Back A Bit Today, And Decided To Watch “EVENT HORIZON” This Evening. It Has A Special Place In My Life, As It Was The LAST FILM I Saw In The Theater Before My Senior-Year of High School Began. I Ended Up Seeing It THREE (3) TIMES In Said Theater. Most People I Know Didn’t Really Care For “EVENT HORIZON” As I Did. However, I Can Honestly Say I’ve Enjoyed It From My 1ST Viewing of It In 1997, And Continue To Enjoy It To This Day 🙂 Since I Really Had No-Real-Reason To Bring It Up, I’m Calling It My RANDOM MOVIE MENTION For Today! If You’ve Not Seen This One, AND Enjoy Sci-Fi Horror, You May Just Enjoy The Hell Out of It… …Just Like ME! HAPPY VIEWING, My Peeps!!!

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