Fellow ROYALS Fans Have Sent Me A Couple Emails About This One…
…I Figured “Why Not, Eh?!?!” 😉

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

You’d Best BelieveI SURE HOPE SO

…tho it’s probably Unlikely…


…which They Will Have The TALENT To…

…tho what They  DO With said TALENT does remain a huge mysteryUNTIL Mid/Late 2012.

I’d Be HONORED To Be Honestly Optimistic in regard to a WINNING SEASON in KC!



Eh, It’s Been A While…

…So Why Not, eh?!



One Winning Season Would Be Great Fun.

Two May REALLY Turn Some Heads.

Three WOULD SELL The Folks of KC.

It’s Hard, Yes.

But I’d Say Three Winning Seasons, with maybe An ALMOST Winning Season Mixed In.

Baseball People LOVE LOVE LOVE Stats.

So A True Fan Would Appreciate Three Out Of Four.

Hell, Three of FIVE May Even Do It.

It Would For Me.

KANSAS CITY has been Laying Quiet, and Making SMART Decisions.

They Have…

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