Aaron Burr -Vs- Alexander Hamilton: A Duel Of Quotations!!!

“Law Is Whatever Is Boldly Asserted And Plausibly Maintained.” — Aaron Burr (Former Vice-President Of The United States)

“A Well Adjusted Person Is One Who Makes The Same Mistake Twice Without Getting Nervous.” — Alexander Hamilton (Former United States Secretary Of The Treasury)

Aaron Burr -Vs- Alexander Hamilton: The REAL Duel (1804)

“Man Is A Reasoning, Rather Than Reasonable, Animal.” — Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804)

“Never Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow. Something May Occur To Make You Regret Your Premature Action.” — Aaron Burr (1756-1836)

3 responses to “Aaron Burr -Vs- Alexander Hamilton: A Duel Of Quotations!!!

  1. Hamilton was before his time. Also, he was kind of a dick. Burr was just a dick. I also love that to shoot at each other, they had to skip town and go to Jersey. Because Jersey is the place for these kind of shenanigans.


  2. I know a woman who once held a fairly high position at the headquarters of the Bank of New York — the bank that Hamilton founded. She says that employees there enjoy telling this story about Hamilton:
    Before he left the bank to go across the river for the duel, he said, “Gotta go now. Don’t do anything until I get back!” And so the employees have honored his last instructions to them ever since.


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