Aaron Burr -Vs- Alexander Hamilton: A Duel Of Quotations!!!

“Law Is Whatever Is Boldly Asserted And Plausibly Maintained.” — Aaron Burr (Former Vice-President Of The United States)

“A Well Adjusted Person Is One Who Makes The Same Mistake Twice Without Getting Nervous.” — Alexander Hamilton (Former United States Secretary Of The Treasury)

Aaron Burr -Vs- Alexander Hamilton: The REAL Duel (1804)

“Man Is A Reasoning, Rather Than Reasonable, Animal.” — Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804)

“Never Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow. Something May Occur To Make You Regret Your Premature Action.” — Aaron Burr (1756-1836)

“Be On Time, Bust Your Butt, Play Smart, And Have Some Laughs Along The Way.” — Whitey Herzog (Hall Of Fame MLB Manager and World Series Champion)

Dorrel Norman Elvert “WHITEY” HERZOG (born in 1931) was An Amazing MLB Manager. At The Helm of The Kansas City Royals, The Team Made 3-Consecutive Playoff Appearances Between 1976-1978. He Then Went On To Helm The St. Louis Cardinals, Winning The 1982 World Series, and The NL Pennant in 1985 & 1987. He Was Inducted Into The Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2010.

“…Marry Him Or Marry Me, I’m The One That Loves You Baby Can’t You See? I Ain’t Got No Future Or A Family Tree, But I Know What A Prince And Lover Ought To Be, I Know What A Prince And Lover Ought To Be…” — SPIN DOCTORS (“TWO PRINCES” (1991))

“…Said If You Want To Call Me Baby, Just Go Ahead Now…”

“…And If Youd Like To Tell Me Maybe, Just Go Ahead Now…”

“…And If You Wanna Buy Me Flowers, Just Go Ahead Now…”

“…And If You’d Like To Talk For Hours, Just Go Ahead, Now. …”

… … …

… …

Yeah, So, I’ve Been Jamming To My Favorite Tunes Allllll Day…

…And I’ve Become Stuck On This One.



…Is One Of My Favorite Jams Of Allllll-Time, And That’s No Jive.

How Can You Not Love It?!?!?


You Simply CAN’T Not Love It!!!

It’s A Smashing Jam From Yesteryear, And I Sincerely Love It Love It LOVE IT!!!

Always Have.

Always Will.


😀       😀       😀