A Very Sad Headline: -Gary Carter’s Brain Cancer Treatment Is “Extremely Grave”-

(Most Of The Article) By Aaron GleemanJan 19, 2012

Gary Carter’s daughter revealed that a recent MRI exam on the Hall of Fame catcher showed “several new spots/tumors on his brain” and Bill Madden of the New York Daily News writes that “Carter’s fight with brain cancer has turned from brave to extremely grave.”

According to Madden, in recent weeks Carter’s “condition was visibly worsening” and the 57-year-old “began complaining of severe headaches, fatigue, and balance problems that resulted in a fall on Christmas Day in which he tore his rotator cuff.”

Carter was unable to attend his annual charity golf tournament earlier this week and a family member told Madden that doctors are now considering stopping treatment. …–

(Link To Full Article –>http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/19/gary-carters-brain-cancer-treatment-is-extremely-grave/

… … … … …

Since Most of Y’all, My Peeps, Know 1985 Was The First Real-Real Season For Me As A Real-Real Baseball Fan…

…I’m Sure Y’all Can Totally Understand How Sad This Article Made Me.

Cancer Has Run Rampant Within My Family…

…And I’ve Seen Firsthand Just How Horrid It Can Be.

Gary “The Kid” Carter is ONLY 57-Years-Old!!!

He’s YOUNGER Than My Parents!!!

It Honestly Does Take A LOT To “Move Me Emotionally”…

…But This Article Hit-Me-HARD.

So So Sad, Fo Sho, My Peeps.


So I Sincerely Felt This Article Needed Special Attention…

…And That “The Kid” Deserved Special Attention, Also.

Gary Carter (Montreal Expos) and Ozzie Smith (San Diego Padres)

Gary Carter and Lance Parrish (1984 All-Star Game)

Gary Carter Hangs-On At The Plate

Gary Carter with The Headfirst-Slide

I Do HOPE For The Best

…But Like All of You Out There…

…I Also EXPECT The Worst.

Be Strong, Mr. Carter.

And THANK YOU For Some Classic-Baseball-Memories.

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