Hey There, My Peeps…

…I Am Truly SUPER-SORRY I’ve Not Published Anything The Past Few Days.

Not Only Have I Been As Tired As-It-Gets…

…And Sick/Ill/Under-The-Weather…

…Today Was EVEN WORSE.

This Morning, While At My Grandma & Grandpa’s Place…

…I Collapsed Onto Their Hardwood-Floor.

I’d Had Yet ANOTHER Seizure =(

When I Woke-Up…

…There Were TWO Paramedics Working On Me.

I’m Just Glad I’m Home At MY HOUSE, Now.

I Do Promise To Work Hard While I Recover.

What I SHOULD Be Doing Right-Now. I'd MUCH-Rather Have Someone In The Bed With Me To Cuddle-Up With. It Always Helps Me SLEEP.

Please PLEASE Take Great Care, Kiddies!




2 responses to “Hey There, My Peeps…

  1. =( Please, PLEASE take great care of yourself!! If you need anything, you know where to find me. Love you.


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