“…I Know What It Takes To Move On. I Know How It Feels To Lie. All I Wanna Do Is Trade This Life For Something New. Holding On To What I Haven’t Got…” — Linkin Park (“Waiting For The End”)

To ME, The Band LINKIN PARK is Just a "ONE-HIT-WONDER" in EVERY Sense of The Term. I've Listened to Every Song They've Had on Every Available Album, and "Waiting For The End" is The ONLY Shining-Example of ANY Form of QUALITY-TALENT They've Yet Introduced to The World. I Find it Oddly-Amusing, Actually. The Band I HATE MOST Ends-Up Putting-Out ONE of MY All-Time-Personal-Favorite-Tunes. At Least They've Got THAT Going For Them (which is nice ;-P hehehe)!

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