Signing Lance Berkman For Another Season is The Highlight of The “Pujols To The Angels” Fiasco. PERIOD.

Yeah... At Least LANCE BERKMAN is a "Quality First-Sacker"...

Let's Just Hope Lance's 36yo-Legs Can STILL Hang-In For Another Season.

As I've Said Before... "2012 Should Be A Damned-Interesting-Season, FO FLIPPIN' SHO!"

Sheesh… DAMMIT, ALBERT! Grrrrrrrr… :(

Albert Pujols signing with Angels for 10 years and at least $250 million

(Part Of The Article) By Aaron Gleeman – Dec 8, 2011, 10:01 AM EST —

Last night the buzz coming from the winter meetings was that Albert Pujols wasn’t anywhere near making a decision, but either that was wrong or things changed dramatically overnight.

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports that Pujols has agreed to sign with the Angels, getting a 10-year contract worth between $250 million and $260 million.

Wow. It didn’t take Jerry Dipoto long to make a huge splash as general manager.

Until now Alex Rodriguez was the only player in baseball history to secure a contract in excess of $200 million and according to Brown the massive deal also includes a full no-trade clause, which was something the Marlins reportedly were never willing to give Pujols.

Making that sort of investment in a 32-year-old first baseman is obviously tremendously risky and it’s tough to blame the Cardinals for not wanting to commit $25 million per season through age 41, but certainly Angels fans aren’t focusing on 2021 right now. … —

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Albert Pujols is Headed to The Angels 😦


What a Lovely Slap-In-The-FACE, eh!?!?!

I Mean…

NO, I Can’t Blame Albert for Making That Deal…

…but It Really Does Make Me VERY Sad.

He Wanted What “HE FELT He Was Worth…

…and The Angels (apparently) Felt He Was Totally Worth It, also.

It WAS NOT The Money That Swayed Him…

…It WAS The Number Of YEARS…

…AND The “No-Trade-Clause” That Did it.

Sheesh, I Tell You…


Anyone Got Any Tylenol???!?!?!!!?!




And a Fifth-Of-TEQUILA To Wash Them Down With???


So... Is This "Goodbye St. Louis" ??? ??? Yep... It Is. Thank Jeebus The Cardinals Have Lance Berkman to Take-Over at 1st-Base.