John Mabry is Returning to The St. Louis Cardinals Once AGAIN!

Really Quick, Here’s The Important Portion of The Article that Inspired THIS Bloggin’ing…

Mabry Hired As Assistant Hitting Coach

ST. LOUIS (AP)—New St. Louis Cardinals  manager Mike Matheny finalized his coaching staff, hiring John Mabry as assistant hitting coach working under Mark McGwire.

The 41-year-old Mabry replaces Mike Aldrete, who was promoted to bench coach.

Mabry had three stints with the Cardinals during his playing career and had his best season in 1996 with a .297 average, 21 home runs and 74 RBIs. …—

John Mabry came up with St. Louis in 1994, and finished 4th in the Rookie-Of-The-Year Voting in 1995.

In All Honesty, My Peeps…

I LOVE This Move by Mike Matheny.


I Was/Am/Will-Always-Be a HUGE John Mabry Fan.

I Even Tried Talking My Parents into Getting Me a “Mabry #47” Jersey in 1995!

He Had His BIGGEST/BEST’EST Season with St. Louis in 1996…

…Even Hitting For The “NATURAL” Cycle!

This Is The John Mabry Baseball-Card I Have... His "1996 Upper Deck"!!! '96 Was a FUN Baseball Season that I Remember VERY Well! 😀

He Was…


…My FAVE of FAVES in regard to “Utility-Players”…

…Fo Flippin’ Sho!

Sadly, 1996 was His ONLY Big Season in The Majors…

…as He Lost His 1st-Baseman Job in 1997…

…When The Cardinals Hired Mark McGwire.

I Did/Do Like “Big Mac” a Butt-Ton, Sure Sure…

…I Just Liked “Mabes” MORE.

He Wasn’t The Best Player, no no…

…BUT He Played with HEART…

…He Played with DETERMINATION…

…and He Played ANYWHERE on The Field You NEEDED HIM To!

Mabry was An Exciting Player to Watch, and a Damn Decent Man. The Cardinals ALL Used to Say How Kind and Thoughtful He Was, and What a Great Presence He Was in The Clubhouse.


…Loved Loved LOVED to Watch Him Work.

And YES…

…I Am SUPER-DUPER-HAPPY He’s Come Back to St. Louis!!!

A Fine Ballplayer, A Good Man, A Great Teammate.

BRING ON 2012, Boys!



5 responses to “John Mabry is Returning to The St. Louis Cardinals Once AGAIN!

    • In Re-Reading My Comment, I Suppose that “Could Have Been Taken” as a Personal “Pat-On-The-Back” which was NOT My Intention.
      My Meaning for Agreeing it was a “Very Nice Move” was I Seriously Felt JOHN MABRY Deserved MUCH MORE PRAISE than He’s ever really be given.
      My “Very Nice Move” was in Giving “Mabes” a Personal “Shout-Out” hehe
      I Was Pulling SOOOOO SOOOOOOO Hard For Him to WIN a World Series with The Cardinals in 2004 AND 2005.
      It Didn’t Happen.
      He Went to Chicago in 2006, when The Cards finally DID Win It All 😦
      Oh Well.
      Maybe He’ll Get His Ring in 2012, only as a Coach, not a Player.


  1. You are spot on. The depth of john’s character far surpasses that of most. Mike Matheny made an awesome decision…


    • Totally. If There’s Anyone Currently With The Cardinals Organization I’d Love Love LOVE To Sit Down And Chat With, Talk Some Shop, Have A Coffee… It’d Be Chris Carpenter OR John Mabry.
      Without A Doubt And FO SHO! 🙂


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