“My Favorite Players (plural) EVER… …in The NBA??? ??? ???”


Sure, I Did Love Watching Bird and Magic and Stockton and Malone and Rodman and Pippen and McHale.

I Had Fun Watching It For A Long-Time.

There Were TWO Guys, however…

…That We’re “MY BOYS!

Rik Smits

Rik Smits - *Pacers* - "The Dunking Dutchman" ...(by way of Indianapolis)... Of Course!!!


Kurt Rambis

Kurt Rambis - *Lakers* - and Danny Ainge - *Celtics* - Tell Me THESE Guys Weren't A BLAST To WATCH!!!


(Honorable Mention To DANNY AINGE (loved that Dude, also))

The Dunking Dutchman” is In The News Tonight…

…and I Realized I Really HAD Lost Track of The Guy.

{“TDD” In The News: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Rik-Smits-finds-a-home-away-from-hoops-8230-o;_ylt=Aq_OgnG.tBdndh.zd6WJdLq8vLYF?urn=nba-wp11112}

It Was a Pleasant Surprise, actually.—


…Since I’m Working a Slightly-Different (personal) Format…

…I Felt This Was a Great-Place-To-START.

Who He WAS...

...and Who He IS! (Dirt-Bikes?!?! REALLY!?!?!?! Dirt. Bikes. ?.?.?. Am I On "Candid Camera"!!?!?!!??!)

Kurt Rambis was ALSO In The News, recently.


If You Know Me, and Kurt Rambis…

…Then You Really Already Know Our “Common-Bonds” Oh-So-Well.

Not JUST “Them Glasses”…


…but ALSO His “Personal-Style” When He Was On-The-Court.

He Wasn’t “The Most Talented.”


He WAS, however, “A SCRAPPER.”

I Totally Sucked In Most Ways When I Played Sports.

I Simply LOVED Sports.

So It Was IMPOSSIBLE For Me To Stay Away From Them…

Even Though I Wasn’t Very Good At Them.

-((Side Note:) TRUST ME, Peeps…
…That’s Another Bloggin’ing For Another Time.
It’s Already “In-The-Works” ;-|  !!!)-

So I Learned To Use What I DID Have To Offer When Playing Them.


Diving For The Ball…

…Throwing Elbows…

…Swatting At The Ball CONSTANTLY…

…etc etc etc.

-((Side Note:) I Played Basketball For TWO-Seasons in The MBA (“Marion Basketball Association”… was on The Clippers, btw). I Scored THREE-BASKETS (Two Of Which Were FREE-THROWS) in Those TWO-Seasons. I Was/Am A BAD-SHOT. Therefore, My (ASSIGNED) JOB Was To “GET IN THERE AND FOUL!” Period.)-

So, It Really Wasn’t Surprising To Me (not in the slightest) When My Barracks-Roommate said…

…”Dude! Has Anyone Ever Told You “Hey, You Remind Me Of Kurt Rambis?”??”

I Simply Broke-Down in a FIT-Of-LAUGHTER.

And THEN I Got Up Off The Floor

…and Clutched The Knee I’d Jammed Into said Floor While Diving For A Re-Bound That Was CLEARLY Out-Of-Reach-ANYWAY.—

Kurt Rambis: Man... Myth... Legend... SCRAPPER!!!

Best-KURT-RAMBIS-Pic-EVER!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!


…That Just Felt Really Good.


M’Kay, I’m SO READY For ANOTHER Question!


Until The Next Time…

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