“My Favorite…”

“…(Current) Third-Basemen (Plural), Are…”

AL – Brett Lawrie of The Toronto Blue-Jays

Brett Lawrie: He Spent The Bulk of The 2011 Season on My Fantasy Watch-List, and I Snagged Him 2-Minutes After He Officially Became Available-Snaggable!

Honestly, The ONLY Reason He's NOT One Of My Keepers for The 2012 Fantasy Season is I'm One Of The ONLY Managers Who Even Knew He Existed, and I Feel I've Got a Fine Shot at Picking Him Up in The 2012 Draft.

NL – David Freese of The St. Louis Cardinals

David Freese: I've Truly Truly Enjoyed Watching Him Play The Past Few Seasons, and His Performance in The 2011 Post-Season May Have Been THE MOST CLUTCH Performance I Have EVER Had The Pleasure To Witness. PERIOD.

Honestly, His ONLY Downside are His Fragile Bones. When He Gets Hurt, WOW, He Gets HURT. But When He's Playing AND He's ON, WOW WOW, Look-Out!